Tom Walsh at Community Campus

I've found it very useful to see the problems a lot of young people face be it due to circumstances at home or alcohol and drug related misuse. It has helped me take a different view on certain matters and understand that some individuals have known no different than not working.

Seeing how much the suport workers and managers care about the tenants and those they offer floating support to has been eye opening. They go the extra mile doing longer hours and helping out of their kindness, not due to their jobs. One of the tenants, Patrick, is moving into a new home away from campus and, although campus are not paid to help him move, they made it a priority to get a van to move his things as well as spending a couple of days painting his flat and offering advice on loans and grants etc. It has made me realise that doing that extra bit, whether it be helping tenants move or even just spending an extra hour talking to them, really makes a difference. The campus slogan "more than just a roof" doesn't even begin to cover how much extra the individuals that work here do, which has had an impact on me as I will try to have the same attitude in all aspects of my life.

I got to go to the board meeting and saw how decisions are made as well as the changes to the organisation. Even though the organisation has a reputation for being the best, Carl and his team are not complacent and are still striving to be better in all aspects of the company.

I hope to stay in touch with the organisation and try and set up some fundraising if possible as I have seen how valuable the work that they do is.

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with Campus and my hosts have been fantastic.

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