Tom Elgar at Wesley's Chapel

On starting my placement with Wesley's Chapel, London, I only had one aim: to integrate myself into and experience everything I could during my stay. The weekly staff meeting allowed me to grasp the variety of activities the chapel runs and to meet the people I would be working with throughout my stay. I joined two Sisterhood meetings run by Jennifer, the associate minister. I was welcomed warmly and heard some interesting views on the role of women in the church and the contentious debate of the church's position on gay marriage. This was a rewarding experience as it caused me to consider my own views. Furthermore, Lord Griffiths, the superintendent minister, treated me to an evening in the House of Lords where I was given an excellent tour, observed a debate on the Armed Forces and dined in the restaurant. It was an unforgettable experience.


I was able to see the work being done by the Boys Brigade and Youth Group and through this I met children from all different cultures and backgrounds, allowing me to gain confidence and develop social skills. Also, with Beverley, I helped to run the tour provided to the delegates of the Methodist Conference who came from all over the world. This culminated in a guided tour around St Paul's Cathedral. On Saturday, I attended The Leys School's speech day and heard a fascinating speech from Sister Dominica who set up the Child Hospice movement. Judith also found time to show me around the university in Cambridge. Moreover, I was given the opportunity to work in the museum and learn some of the Chapel's fascinating history. I believe the incredible variety of work I have done with Wesley's Chapel and the experience of London life has made me more of a well-rounded and independent person. I am thankful to Kido for making my stay so enjoyable.