Robert Warwood-Hart at Newquay Christian Centre

From the moment I arrived in Newquay, NCC and her incredible, faithful, and devoted team welcomed me with open arms into the community. I was immediately put to good use, never feeling like a spare part, but a valued member of the Church, just one of the things that made working here a real pleasure and great experience.


The one thing for me that makes NCC stand out, is its integration with the Newquay community, especially with its youth work. This work involved me teaching children of varying ages, this was useful for me in seeing how different groups learn compared to others and therefore allowed me to make judgment on the age range of children that I would like to work with later in my life. An example of this was when teaching the same game to two different age ranges and noticing the different attitudes and outcomes within each group. As well as this I also helped to plan a session of activities with 7 to 10 year olds which allowed me to experience further how different activities encourage different learning styles. I also worked with preschool children which was another way of learning about an extremely different set of learning styles, and this work changed my mind on working with such young children because of this. The time I have spent helping with these groups has increased my confidence as a teacher and thus helped me to develop as a leader, something that has opened up many opportunities in my life and boosted my self-esteem.


As well as helping with youth outreach I also worked in the source cafe, a way that the church reaches out to the wider community.


All in all this has been a massively helpful and valuable experience that has improved me as a leader and given me a clear direction for my future.

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