Robert Sharpley - The Wire Project (Summer 2006)

Robert's Report: I found all the events that I took part in organised by the Wire project thoroughly enjoyable. Although I was caught slightly off-guard at having to organise a full sports event for 40 young children within the first couple hours of beginning at the Festival of Wick, I soon figured out what was required of me and was constantly impressed by the enthusiasm and hard work of all the volunteers and children. I quickly became close friends with many of the other volunteers who I continue to keep in contact with. I fully intend to return to next years Festival and help out again.

The SPACE and animate projects I took part in during my second week with the project were equally enjoyable although for different reasons. Whereas the festival week was a form of constant organised chaos (as I would expect any event involving several hundred under 11 year olds to be!) the second week was more relaxed and more intimate with smaller groups of individual teenagers. I developed a greater understanding of what the Young Carers dealt with in everyday life and some of this struck quite a personal chord as it reminded me of similar problems I had as a child having to care for my then severly injured father. This made me understand the value of these projects even more and I can only hope that the hard work that the projects volunteers gives reaches and encourages as many people as it possibly can.

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