Poppy Bramford at Centre 63

Through my participation in an outward bound residential, the reviewing of case files and my accompanying of a youth worker on home visits, I feel I have been introduced to new perspectives. When accompanying two staff members on a residential to the Lake District I worked with 8 girls between the ages of 12 and 14, which gave me an opportunity to work with these girls on a variety of things, ranging from team work to nutrition. I definitely feel I have gained invaluable experience in working with young people from a different background during my time at Centre 63.

Experience of working in a inner City project has shed light on the difficulties faced by many young people, who may not recognise that they have gifts and abilities or that they can achieve what they want to achieve, regardless of their backgrounds, when given support and encouragement. From this I feel I can take a sense of determination into my next two years of school as I have experienced first hand that background and financial status does not dictate success.

This experience has laid the foundation for what I hope to be the base of what I build my furute career upon. I intend to pursue a career in international development where I hope to work with young people to create a more sustainable life style in less economically developed countries and then to eventually go on to become a teacher. This experience has been an excellent one as it has given me a good idea of the work my intentions involve.

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