Mursal Easa at YKids

I was given the amazing opportunity by the Rank Foundation to do my Community Action Placement at Ykids Children's charity in Bootle, Merseyside for exactly two weeks. At first I was quite anxious to be moving to Bootle, which was three hours away from home by train but I knew that I would definitely take on this once in a lifetime opportunity and after a few days, the anxiousness had flown out the door. On Monday Claire Morgans, CEO of Ykids, fully introduced me to both the Ykids staff and office building and I instantly knew that I would enjoy it here and would definitely develop many of my skills, most importantly my leadership and the ability to communicate appropriately with the general public and the children at YKids. My initial aims and expectations of the Community Action Placement at Ykids was that I would be able to explore and ask questions about all areas of the charity, the work they do, the progress from the very start of the charity and how many childrenâ€â„¢s lives they change yearly and how this has allowed the charity to grow. I also expected to be given many tasks and activities to do both independently and with the children just so that I could be fully informed of the work that Ykids does and the thoughts and opinions of the children who attend Ykids.

Taking my initial aims and expectations into consideration, I think that I have definitely reached most if not all of them and am extremely satisfied with the skills that I have either gained or developed throughout this placement. I have met my aims by making sure to take part in many activities and numerous areas of the charity such as working at Ykids café North Perk for a day, helping out in the community garden, displaying an art exhibition with all the kids work at the local shopping centre which ended up in the local paper as well as spending a few days working within the Ykids office with Claire and the staff which proved to be very beneficial to me as I got to focus on the written work that is put in as well as the practical work that I performed at the various different locations with Ykids. As well as all of this, being provided with the opportunity to actually speak to the kids and work alongside them for various different events presented me with the chance to understand life at Ykids from their point of view but also allowed me to increase my role as a leader whilst at the same time trying to maintain on the same level as the kids. The community action placement has also allowed me to become more adaptable to working with different types of people as it has been eye-opening to work amongst people who are older than me who are used to working independently but also working with the kids allowed me to learn many things from their stories and experiences and the way they deal in the situations they find themselves in.

Due to the fantastic opportunity that I have been given which was to work alongside the Ykids staff for two weeks I have been able to learn many new things as well as necessary skills that I can apply to the real world, including applying these skills in school to my school work as well as teaching fellow pupils at my school everything that I have learned and the experiences that I have gained. I would also love to increase the amount of charity work that my school participates in, charities which are similar to Ykids; this will help change more lives of the children who are perhaps living in poverty or are suffering with their own problems. This will cause better awareness of this ever increasing issue as well as performing work that is personally rewarding. I could also take the skills that I have learned from these two weeks and apply them in the classroom or during debate sessions that we have at school.


During the two weeks Community Action Placement, I got to talk to many people whilst at the same time being able to adapt to different situations therefore this will be extremely useful for my future career plans as I would love to pursue a career in law as it applies to my logical character. Becoming a solicitor will mean that I will have to make decisions in different situations with different kinds of people therefore being able to speak to the kids and listening to their stories and just getting to chat to them was really eye-opening and allowed me to further my insight into what a career in law will be like, for example in a dispute regulations department therefore this placement has definitely helped me learn skills which will contribute towards my long-term career plan.

I have thoroughly enjoyed moving to Bootle for two weeks in order to do voluntary work for Ykids. I learned so much from the kids who attended the Redi sessions and those who came along to help out in the various different events that were going on that I happily took part in. I also enjoyed Share and Holly's company as I was staying with them at their home for the two weeks and they were honestly so lovely I couldn't have asked for nicer people to stay with, they took me on a giant tour of Liverpool as well as Chester, showing me everything that Liverpool has to offer; Knowsley safari park, The Albert Docks, Liverpool Cathedral and many more stunning attractions. As well as the fun I had in Liverpool over the summer, the skills that I gained and the stories I heard have helped to make me a much more understanding person and will definitely go on to assist with my learning in the future when I'm off to university and beyond. Overall, I would like to thank The Rank Foundation for providing me with such a great opportunity and for teaching me life lessons I would not have learned if it were not for the voluntary work I did for Ykids for the two weeks I was in Bootle.