Michelle Gladstone at Blackpool Carers

I feel privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with the carers centre as I truly enjoyed my time there. Everyone that I met, both service users and staff were so accommodating, making me feel very at home. I could tell that everyone is very dedicated to the aims of the carers centre and the support they provide. Spending time at the carers centre taught me so much not just about developing my interpersonal and leadership skill but just as essentially, it taught me about issues that exist in my own community that I am almost always oblivious to. The whole experience and the people I met, even from day one really inspired me to bring something back to my own community and will try and get involved with charities that offer the same type of support here. The Carers Trust Fylde Coast Carers centre is truly an amazing place and I could tell that each individual that worked there helped make an impact and improve someone's situation every single day.


Throughout the whole experience I never stopped learning and was continuously occupied in all my tasks. I was also able to see all aspects of the carers centre from the hospital project, young carers and the dementia care. My plan of the fortnight was very personalised and aimed towards what I wanted to achieve from my visit thanks to Dee and other members of staff at the carers centre. I got everything that I hoped to get out from my CAP placement and much more. It was just a shame that the time I spent there went so quickly. Nevertheless, I was able to gain something positive from everyone I met and I hope that I can become as hard working and dedicated to my own profession as they all are at the carers centre.