Mayo Bakare: The Ellesmere Youth Project

My experience at Ellesmere Youth Project over the past two weeks has been like no other. I have learnt, not only from the project leaders, Jenny and Danielle, who have been thoroughly supportive and accommodating, but also from the young people themselves, the other staff members and a great deal from the host families, who welcomed me into their homes making my outside the work day experience worthwhile. Working with the young people, improved my confidence, and ability to communicate with them and with the activities that took place during the summer programme has given me skills that I may not have had the opportunity to learn before it e.g. learning to ride a bike, juggling.

Jenny and Danielle ensured at all times that I was getting involved with all the activities and even though this summer, the numbers of young people were low, I feel as if my experience has been fulfilled to its best. Working as part of a staff team has been very beneficial and I have learnt the significance of good communication, which EYP has effectively portrayed and also the value of compromise. Being in Sheffield has been great and I feel so at home being here, that the possibility of me applying to university here has significantly increased. The areas I have been staying in have been great and the host families have made sure I have had the full Sheffield experience!

All in all, I have loved the whole experience, the people, the work, the area and I hope to come back and visit. If I apply to the University of Sheffield and my application is successful, returning to EYP and continue volunteering with the project would be exactly what I plan to do!

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