Marco Boodramsingh in Newquay

I have greatly enjoyed my stay here; I have learned to communicate better and also I havelearned how youth work helps in the community. I arrived at Newquay at the beginning ofthe Easter holidays not knowing what to expect; however, everything I've done has beenenjoyable and fun. I have learned about Newquay, a town of which I'd never really knownmuch about before my CAP. The Newquay Christian Centre (NCC), which is theorganisation Liz works for, had recently bought the Wesley Church, and I arrived for theirfirst ever service in it, which was an amazing event. I really enjoyed helping Liz and the staffat the NCC, especially with the youth activities (although I was told that after I had arrivedeverything had gone quiet!) I've met some truly wonderful people (and learned a great deal ofsurfing slang!) However, I have really enjoyed my time in Newquay and with the NCC.

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