Kerry Herd - The Rank Foundation Sponsorship

Whilst at school I was lucky enough to have been sponsored by the Rank Foundation and as part of this I went sailing with the Sail Training Association on one of their tall ships. As it turned out, this amazing experience seems to have evolved over time into all consuming need to have "Done Something Constructiveâ€Â by the end of the year. Having started off Tall Shipping I often go back of a summer and have a sail around, however there are way too many fun things to do out there and get involved in. A Raleigh International expedition to Uganda proved a suitable antidote to medical exam-itis whilst at university. Trekking around some of the most beautiful mountain scenery certainly was magical experience; as was mixing concrete in Midday-Englishman strength African sun - a slightly different texture of 'magical'.

Taking up diving prompted my tree-hugging hugging gene to kick in and I thus set off for a tiny island in the Philippines with a conservation organisation called Coral Cay. Over a period of 6 weeks we learnt all about the animal, vegetable and mineral content of coral reefs and subsequently meticulously mapped out the sub-aquatic world around the island which will be of use for future marine environmental research.

Having ended up being a doctor in the British Army has been a superb experience and always sets me well on my way each year to have achieved something constructive. Amongst other things, Adventure Training has allowed me to fly solo gliding (a type of falling), attempt parachuting in Germany (another kind of falling) and some more scuba-diving (a type of flying!) Doing a worthwhile job in such an organisation as the Army obviously also has its own draw. There is always something different around the corner and a challenge in the offing.

Thus it needs to be said that I owe a lot to the Rank Foundation for my addiction to adventurous activity, and long live new inspiration.

Dr Kerry Herd

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