Kate Pearson at Greenbank in Liskeard

My initial aims were to be able to help the Greenbank Christian Centre, by using my skills and knowledge for example by using ICT. I also wanted to simply meet new people, I have never experienced a youth project such as what the church has to offer here in Liskeard so I did not know quite what to expect. Alike I had never experienced Christianity in such a way before, so going on a bible and music camp was going to be something completely new to me.

I thought that with my previous experience I have gained through being a member of the Girl Guides and attending different French exchange programmes that I would enjoy talking to the members of the youth group and other members of the church.

Before I came for my two week placement I didn't know what to expect, after meeting everyone for the first time with my mother, at an introduction day, I was looking forward to seeing some familiar faces when I arrived. Apart from that all I knew was from the small website that had been created previously, explaining what Greenbank does to help people in the community, but not necessarily how.

I have been able to develop personally during my experience here at Greenbank. I have met so many new people and the experience has really opened my eyes to a new way of Christianity I had not been shown before. My two weeks have also helped me to dramatically improve my ideas and views for my Philosophy and Ethics course at college; by showing me different peoples̢ۉ㢠points of view about bible teachings and about the nature of God in general. I feel it will be invaluable to my class discussions when I go back to college in September.

Another way in which my experience has helped me is for my application to university next year. I have met a lot of people who have given me fantastic advice and opinions about different courses and different areas to study at. It has also been interesting to meet people of a similar age to me who don't want to go to university, and to hear their plans for the future. This was interesting for me because all the people I work with at college or who are part of Young leaders with the Girl Guides all want to go to university, it does end up seeming like there is no other option. But throughout my two weeks with Greenbank I have seen that there is so much more that one can do with their life than just simply educating the mind with facts and figures. Lastly I have seen how there is also a large part of the mind that needs to be developed spiritually (not only to do with God, but also) by developing character by talking to and interacting with a large variety of people.

I will be able to contribute my experience in the church to my Philosophy and Ethics course at college. I will be able to put forward both an athiest point of view, and now a more in depth religious point of view which I have grown to understand and follow.

I will also be able (and want to) explain and show to my local community how christianity at Liskeard is so new, exciting and involving. In comparison to the more traditional churches I and my friends have experienced before.

However my experience has also changed my mind of what I may want to do with my life in the future, many people here have been out to places such as Uganda and the Phillipenes to work with children, or see children who they have sponsored and see where there money has gone to. I think this is a fantastic thing to do and I want to do such a thing during my longer holidays in university. Before my experience here at Greenbank I would have looked to go on a more tourist holiday to see more of the world, but now I understand that it is more important to experience and try to understand the people in it

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