Josh Horwood - Centre 63

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at centre 63 . I have found that you get a very large reward from just helping one child . I have had my eyes opened as to how fortunate I am . I have found out that I can work well with young people and am very motivated and driven and can keep my cool under pressure .

This has and will help as I move into my A levels , university and eventually work.

Thank you very much for the opportunity!

Editor's note: Josh was described as a "complete star" by Jeane Lowe, the project manager at Centre 63. He clearly enjoyed a most impressive placement.

Second year report from Josh

I leapt at the opportunity to return to Liverpool this year after the success of my CAP last year. Once again, I have taken a huge amount of inspiration from the staff at Centre 63. They all work together to provide a safe, secure and most importantly an enjoyable environment all for the young people it supports. I feel immensely privileged to have been allowed to come back.

I hope that I have worked diligently to provide the best I can offer; this included producing a work booklet for the Centre's Housing Project (The YES Project) for cooking on a budget, complete with basic hygiene information, recipes and fun quizzes. I have also worked with the motorcycle project, LYBRO, in developing an application form to help increase the number of volunteers which they so badly need.

I am proud to have taken a leading role in four day trips to Alton Towers, Go Ape (a forest adventure / climbing park) and also twice to Crocky Trails (an outdoor adventure park and nature trail). At Go Ape, it was refreshing to hear "tough seventeen year old boys scream like four year old girls as they threw themselves out of sixty foot high trees hurtling along fifty meters of zip wire! Little did I know at Crocky Trails my lifeguarding qualification would come in handy as I had to drag two of our young people from a muddy river!!

To Tony and his wife, Debbie, I have to say a huge thank you for making me feel so welcome and putting up with me for a month now. I must if course thank Charlie Harris and Tim Young of the Rank Foundation for the chance to come back to Liverpool and finally thanks to everyone at Centre 63 and all the best for the future, I'm positive it won't be too long before I darken your doors again!

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