Jessie Nock at the Ellesmere Youth Project

As soon as I arrived at the Ellesmere Youth Project I felt at home. I was constantly reassured by the project workers and especially by the project manager, Jenny. In the office there was a constant relaxed atmosphere and my anxiety and nerves were put to rest straight away. Everyone welcomed and supported me throughout my placement and was very keen on giving me the full Sheffield experience, which I very much enjoyed.

Working with young people meant I gained many skills including communicating with higher confidence around new people and being able to show respect to whoever I came across. I am now able to adjust quickly to compromising situations, such as small numbers, and making the best out of it. I worked individually by planning tasks and activities where I had to use initiative and I worked within a team where it was at great importance to communicate and compromise.

As well as developing my own leadership skills I was able to experience leadership from the project workers towards the young people by setting an example for good behaviour. I learnt how youth workers aid and enhance the personal and social development of young people.

I feel my life has been enriched by the experience and I will draw on the experience when I get back home and back to school. You learn about different people and I have learnt not to be frightened of what I do not know and to not pre judge. People's lives are very different to mine but in many ways they are the same too. Community support has taken me out of my comfort zone and it has taught me to have a responsibility to provide support to people. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time working at the Ellesmere Youth Project and have gained many valid and useful skills that I will no doubt use hugely in later life. I would like to thank everyone I worked with during my two weeks.

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