Immy Schofield at Westminster House

I have had yet another fantastic time at Westminster House and staying with Wayne and Elly, who as always have been extremely welcoming and it has been great to catch up with them. We have had five days of different activities from the cinema to go-karting to Thorpe Park. I had quickly forgotten what it is like to be in a group of people who are predominantly Black. Although I hadn't noticed that I was one of only three white people going go karting until Wayne pointed it out. (I'm not sure what this says, perhaps it simply tells me that I need to be more observant!), it was clear that other people do notice that we are a mainly Black group. Waynewas asked in the swimming pool if all 'these' were with him. The boy meant all the Black people in the baths. It hadn't occurred to me that the whole of the swimming pool was white skinned until our group walked in. Kate has impressed me yet again with her approach to communicating with the members of the club. Before we entered the swimming pool she already pointed out to them that they would be immediately noticed if they did anything wrong because they naturally stand out. I think the most important thing I have learnt from her about working with young people is to set down clear rules and boundaries and if they are broken there is always a consequence to an action, but then it is forgotten about. It did make me laugh when the only answer that would satisfy what is the only excuse I will except for being late was 'Dead'.

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