Ilayda Bakare at the Greenbank Centre

I carried on helping out at all the different groups that I did work with last time I was here; the youth groups, the elderly weekly sessions and mainly helping with the cafe work (which I enjoyed the most!). Since last year the cafe has had a revamp and now has a proper coffee machine, which I learned how to use on my first day. During the second week, I was asked to train another member of staff in managing the cafe and helping out with the kitchen.

I enjoyed working in the community cafe last time I was here, so I expected I would be asked to continue to work in the cafe, learn how to make different and more complicated drinks and learn a bit of kitchen management. Also, I did work with the youth group last time, so I thought I would carry on with leadership work along that line. Finally, I helped with the Young at Heart (elderly) group previously, so I hoped I would continue to accompany them on trips and help at the sessions at the centre.

Working in the cafe really helped develop my ability to take initiative because dealing with all sorts of customers, who required a range of different things such as people who ordered items not on the menu, catering for people with children, helping people with special needs or learning disabilities. I certainly made a few mistakes as I got to grips with how the cafe operated, but it was a great learning experience for me and helped to develop my confidence in dealing with different people on a day to day basis, and on some days I was left to run the cafe on my own for a few hours a day.


With regards to leadership opportunities, I helped Dave run a day of music workshops for autistic children at the local secondary school. One session involved me leading/conducting the group and helping the students to develop their communication and listening skills.

I had a fantastic time here at Greenbank, like I did last time I came! Everyone has been really supportive and it feels great knowing that I have helped this organisation, if only for a brief two weeks. I particularly enjoyed the visit to Siblyback Lake with the Young at Heart group as they all had a good sense of humour and I found it interesting a to hear their stories. Also running the music workshops with Dave was a good insight to the good work that takes place to help people with special needs, and I didn't know much about the ins and outs of autism before, so that was definitely an interesting learning experience for me! Though I have now competed my two compulsory two weeks, I will definitely be back, to help out and visit the great friends I have made here too.


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