Felix Leonard Fox at the Clydesdale Community Initiatives

I hadn't thought I had lived a sheltered life when I was preparing to go to Lanark to work with Clydesdale Community Initiatives, but that all quickly changed. Instead of feeling sorry and having huge amounts of pity like most people would for the participants I realised how lucky they were to have this amazing support network on their doorstep with dedicated staff with a wealth of knowledge to help them overcome their troubles or progress them onto a better lifestyle or working environment. The work being done in the area by Clydesdale Community Initiatives has a positive effect on all the community even those who have no involvement with the programmes being run.

If anyone wants a challenge, or to enjoy the company of some fantastic people, help yourself and others by getting involved with Clydesdale Community Initiatives on a placement, they are making a huge name for themselves and the social inclusion model and changing the ideas of doctors who have dismayed social treatments for years.

What surprised me most about CCI was the range of people they reach and have contact with, families, teenagers, pensioners, mentally challenged, women etc there is no one they don't help or can't help through one of their programmes. I am glad they are being noticed for their hard work having won countless awards for business of the year, or voluntary scheme of the year.

I have become a changed person just as the participants have by the incredible team at CCI. I shall continue to stay in contact with the company and keep their ideas alive in my home area.

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