Ellie Brittain-Long in Newquay

Prior to coming to NCC I hadn't really experienced working with people in such a diverse environment. As a waitress I am accustomed to working with adults and with people my own age, and as a Surf Lifesaving Coach I am used to working with children, but the different dimensions involved in an organisation such as NCC means that everyone works together across the board. Having been warned by Liz that I'd be "thrown in at the deep end" during my time at NCC I was glad that our ideas of 'the deep end' aren't completely the same! NCC is what I needed; an enthusiastic, peaceful and encouraging place to be. Whether one is working in Rainbow with the toddlers and pre-primary kids, off site with the older "youthies" at the skate park or Youth Centre, or chatting in the Source Café, you can't escape the positive atmosphere that seems to spill from the place.

If the Wesley Church is the soul of NCC then the Source Café is the heart, and definitely the place to be if you're new and unfamiliar to the centre as it is in the café's friendly environment that everyone is truly introduced. I felt that it was in theSource that I began to understand what NCC, and her sister organisations such as Tubestation in Polzeath, are really about. Not spreading The Word as I had expected but giving to the community wherever possible. In a memorable conversation with the lovely Jenny we decided that surely it is the nature of the act itself that makes it good, irrespective of whether the intention behind it is related to the Gospel. In short I guess, what I have learned at NCC is the importance of patience and good will, and providing a service to the wider community.

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