Connor Macmillan at the LOGIC Cafe

During my time at LOGIC I feel I have achieved a huge amount. Primarily I have developed my leadership abilities through Matt and his team giving me a many chances to lead different young people through various activities such as a canoe and camp out trip, cinema and swimming trips, coasteering, and many other activities. Throughout all of them I was given positions of responsibility, which enabled me to gain valuable leadership experience and improve my leadership skills. In the Thursday and Friday drop in sessions in the youth club itself, I developed my skills in talking to the younger and older people kids that were visiting, and I feel I improved my skills in talking to people I had never met before and building a bond with them quickly, which will hopefully be very useful in the future. I also made some great friends with the team at LOGIC, and will stay in touch with them for a long time after my placement has ended.

As mentioned earlier, I have been given the chance to develop my leadership skills throughout the two weeks, with Matt and his team giving me responsibility and the chance to improve my leadership skills on multiple occasions by leading the younger children in various different activities. In all of these, I tried to use initiative to keep the children safe and having fun, and by building my confidence in talking to them and developing bonds with them, I was able to successfully lead them in a variety of activities. Even during everyday occurrences such as travelling from venue to venue, I was able to keep control of them, in coordination with the other leaders, highlighting how important communication and my confidence in communicating was to the success of the trips.



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