Archie Dunlop at St Michael's, Hull

My placement in Hull was excellent and I loved every second of it. Everyone at St. Michaels Youth was so warm and welcoming to me. The placement suited me brilliantly, as I really enjoy working with children and sport is my forte and many of the activities were orientated around sport. I thoroughly enjoyed the two weeks and they flew past. I have already said to them that I would love to go back for my second placement. The activities they put on for the kids were great fun and enabled me to join in which meant I formed a strong bond with many of the kids, this made the placement even more fulfilling. The staff were brilliant at involving me in all aspects of their community, and showed me that Hull's bad reputation couldn't be more wrong. They took me to some of the local museums and showed me round the city itself which gave me an insight into the city of Hull and its past.

That's excellent that Rank is planning on doing some community regeneration and I know the local community will be pleased. During my time in Hull I helped on the regeneration of an old rundown golf course and I was constantly being thanked by the locals as they walked past. It was a great feeling.

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