Annabel Hampshire at SE1 United

Once again I have had an amazing two weeks work experience with SE1 United and I am overwhelmed by their willingness to welcome me into one of the most friendly families of young people and adults I know. The young people's enthusiam and charisma to get around anything that is thrown in their direction and overcome problems in an adult and sensible way has inspired me, as well as their fire and eagerness for what they believe in and their absolute respect for their leaders.

Living with Natalie, her daughters and Camelia has been a privilege and I have no better words to describe Natalie than those of her close friend: "knowing Natalie is like winning the lottery". I have found it very enlightening to meet such a diverse group of young people from London and learn about their backgrounds, they have enriched my understanding of the different cultures in the UK. Also spending time with the other youth workers has been fun and rewarding, hearing their stories of how they got to be working with SE1 United has especially encouraged me to work hard and be passionate about my beliefs and future.

I feel I have learnt to be less nervous about facing challenges, have overcome some shyness and that I am more relaxed when under any pressure, these are all down to SE1 United along with many more improved skills. I wish SE1 United all the best in the future, they deserve to do well and carry on improving and growing in the right direction and I hope to stay in contact in years to come.

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