Amelia Daniel at YKids

I was initially apprehensive about the CAP placement but once having begun the activities, even just the office work on my first morning, I felt like part of a team. This enabled me to get stuck in to all aspects of the organisation, especially in the Transition Workshops when working together was particularly important. One of my highlights would be working with the special needs children in a class at the local primary school, this was something completely new to me but I found it enjoyable and rewarding, fortunately I was able to attend the class in both weeks of my time with Ykids.

The Redi Dangerous Club for Boys and Girls was also fun especially our trip to Cheshire for the worm charming; I found the year 4 age group easy to work with and I hope that they enjoyed having me for their project. I worked closely with the Gap team during my two weeks and have been able to get along well with them both during Ykids projects and outside of the organisation; they showed me around Liverpool, a city to which I had not previously been.

I feel as if I have actively contributed towards each activity in which I have been placed and enjoyed taking some Leadership roles especially in the Redi project and in the Transition Workshops. It has been great to get to know some of the children as they were very interested in who I was and where I had come from, mostly due to my accent' one year 2 even thought I spoke a different language! Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and on my next visit to Liverpool will visit Ykids or try to get involved again; I hope they enjoyed having me as much as I've enjoyed it.

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