Alistair Hunt at the Elohim Church

It has been an absolute pleasure to work here at Elohim Church, the core of the people who are around the church have been extremely welcoming and a very friendly which has enabled me to be able to enjoy my stay here amongst these wonderful people. It has been brilliant to get so involved and to see how the church works amongst the community. It has clearly affected many local people's lives, not just with religion but the opportunity to have somewhere to go and drink coffee and chat with others. This has then integrated the children making it a vibrant and warm place to be which is very evident as an outsider stepping in.

The jobs which I have been set have been of a great variety, from helping the elderly shop each week down to helping out at craft with little children.

It has been a great insight into the way in which a church like Elohim runs behind the scenes and how devoted their lives are to God and serving the community. This is evident by how much effort Shane puts in for the church, for example organising a week long camp for ten people, and giving up his time for people who need jobs doing.

Being here for two weeks has developed my leadership skills in all areas, developed my personality and given me another insight to life.

I feel that I have built some great relationships here and it has been a great time which I will never forget because of how much I have enjoyed it and this is predominantly down to Shane. Living with Shane and his wife Sam has been great fun and I have thoroughly enjoyed their company and I will definitely miss them.

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