Adeyinka Banjo at the Logic Cafe

The Logic Cafe is a youth outreach organisation based in Northern Ireland and is led by a group of committed Christians. As a branch of the St Johnâ€â„¢s Parish, the organisation is teeming with volunteers who attend their local church and want to take on the brave task of "Leading Our Generation In Christâ€Â. This key feature of the project meant that I was instantly able to recognise the compassion of the team I was working with, who saw their posts as leaders as a great privilege and not merely a job. Despite being a hub for numerous activities, the main aim the Logic Cafe is to show the love of Christ through building meaningful relationships with young people and encourage them to lead better lives.

In my 1st week of my CAP I worked with 10-11 year olds as a Youth Leader in the P7 Summer Scheme. Initially I was apprehensive as being in an environment completely foreign to me instantly cast doubt on the likelihood I would be able to bond with the kids. However, our trip to the Rock Climbing centre soon changed that as the kids and I had to work together while coordinating the ropes to allow another child to safely scale the wall. We soon developed a sense of trust with each other, allowing us to overcome any cultural hurdles. When at Laser Force I served as a team leader, creating tactics and strategies which ensured success and all players would be included regardless of skill or ability. Our teamâ€â„¢s drive meant we often fared well but even when we were beat, we still displayed good sportsmanship. Our final trip to Castlewellan included racing through a maze. I captained my own team of youngsters and placed faith in their navigation skills - something which they really appreciated and improved their confidence. Despite coming last in the race we still found humour in our failure and enjoyed it nonetheless.

My 2nd week was with an older group of young people with an age range from 12-15. We were based at Abernethy Trust Outdoors Centre where during our stay we participated in a number of extreme outdoor activities. In addition to my Youth Worker position I was given another role as Guardian of two young boys. I ensured they were always present at meetings, werenâ€â„¢t getting into trouble and were enjoying their time. Our first activity consisted of a number of Team Challenges around the centre to score points. I was with the older group and I found they really fed off of my competitiveness and desire to win, causing us to work together seamlessly to attain the most points. We also participated in Gorge Walking in the afternoon and although not the most proficient swimmer, I gave it my all and assisted where necessary to motivate others to push on. One of the most memorable events was the Zip Wire. I was in charge of the ground base and coordinated the manoeuvring of the ropes in order to safely bring individuals in. I found this to be a real test of my communication skills and ability to work under pressure because I had to work quickly with my team to prevent no-one from dangling helplessly over the pond. In the end we were successful and managed to safely bring over all of our team without a hitch.

The two weeks I have spent with the Logic Cafe have been fantastic and I am honoured to have worked with such an outstanding group of people. Their work really has an immeasurable impact on the lives of the young people they serve and I can only hope such good work continues to happen.

I am most grateful to the Wellâ€â„¢s family for hosting me during my stay and caring for me as if I were one of their own. I would like to say thank you to Matt Peach for all of his support behind the scenes and constantly checking on my welfare. I would also like to say a big thank you to Ruth Wells in particular for taking me under her wing, being patient with me when I struggled to understand her instructions and reminding me of the fact I was doing a good job when I started to doubt my own abilities.

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