Chris Adams: County Cricket Captain

Chris is the most successful cricket captain that Sussex have ever had. We caught up with Chris earlier last month for this exclusive interview.

1. All Fellows would have had to leave their schools after GCSEs/O levels, were it not for the intervention of the Rank Foundation, after a request for help from the Headmaster. What happened in your case? Did your folks hit financial difficulties?

  • No. I was approached by Mike Stones (Head of Cricket at the time at Repton and Derbyshire U17’s Manager) who felt that I would be an asset to the school’s sporting image and that in return I would attain a better education. Fees were not an issue as my parents having divorced were in no position to find that kind of money. David Jewell, Headmaster then undertook to arrange the Rank fellowship to assist.

2. Who was your key mentor, and why, during your early cricketing career?

  • Well my parents were influential - giving up time and money to supplement the pastime - but two people really nurtured me through my early cricketing days: a fabulous lady called Benita White who ran the Chesterfield cricket lovers society and, as mentioned already, Mike Stones.

3. What charitable activities have you been involved in to date? What got you involved with them?

  • Many, many Charities to date: through playing sport, I am often asked to provide memorabilia to aid auctions but often it’s a case of providing yourself to perhaps play in a charity game, attend a charity dinner, or even perform which I try and avoid if possible. The most important thing is if by giving my time or a few shirts and bats provides hope and a future for people, then it’s the least I can do.

4. Did you receive your copy of our first ever Review? What did you think about it all?

  • Yes and it was a very interesting read - I look forward to hearing more in the future.

5. When did you find out about the Rank Fellowship?

  • This winter

6. Did you get an invitation to the Dorchester Dinner in 2003?

  • No

7. Did you ever know that the Rank Foundation support helped keep you for your 6th form years at Renton?

  • Yes

8. One of your parents should have been seen at the time by the Rank Foundation scheme administrator: do you know if they recall such a meeting?

  • There was no such meeting in my case. I arrived at the school to boost sporting image, had a fantastic year in football and cricket and was snapped up by Derbyshire in the summer. Short stay but one of the best years of my life.

9. You clearly have fulfilled your "outstanding leadership potential". How would you define your style of leadership?

  • From the front! Compassionate but challenging! Hard but fair.

10. If there was a school Fellow with outstanding potential on the cricket field, would you be prepared to offer some informal advice, even if it was only a chat on the phone, or an exchange of emails?

  • Of course
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