The Fellowship's Mentoring service aims to provide Fellows with informal careers advice and support through mentoring evenings and ad hoc, one-to-one 'match-making'. Career advisors come from our own network of Fellows who draw on their experiences to provide a 'warts and all' view of their work history.

The Mentoring Evening

The March mentoring evening allows Fellows to meet and exchange advice and experience of their own careers with others at a crossroads in the job market. They are intended to be informal gatherings where Fellows can benefit from speaking to those already in a profession that interests them. Ad hoc advice is provided by brokering a meeting between a Fellow seeking advice and someone drawn from a secure database of Fellows wishing to give insight based on their own experience.

Career Advice and Work Experience placements throughout the year.

Many Fellows are offering this form of mentoring advice about careers throughout the year. Some are also willing to offer work experience placements to Fellows wishing to gain an understanding of the work-place or of a particular career. Work experience is available in many companies and organisations ranging across public and private sectors. Placements have been offered by Fellows within these organisations and are sponsored by the Fellows. If you wish to take advantage of our offers of such career/mentoring work experience programme or if you would like to offer work experience please contact Tim Young.

Mentoring Booklet

Seb Siersted, Tessa and Antonia Packard, Max Kirby and other member of the Fellowship Steering Group have recently produced a booklet to assist in making mentoring readily accessible to all members of the Fellowship. Seb Siersted discussed the aim:

"The Rank Fellowship aims to help students fulfill their potential. The hope is that by supporting these future Leaders, the 'pebble in the pond' will give ripples that positively impact on society. Mentoring is the key transmission mechanism.
When we asked people to offer their time as mentors, we were astounded by the enthusiasm of their response. In short, they were hugely excited by the initiative. Anyone, of any age, can ask them anything. To make it as easy as possible for you to do so, we've gathered together their responses and contact details, categorised them by area of interest, and stuck the collection on the Fellowship website here.
We have around two dozen mentors and are adding more all the time. Fellows are already taking them at their word, pinging them an email with a specific question, asking for 15 minutes on the phone, or suggesting they meet for a coffee and a chin wag. Their backgrounds, their aspirations, their needs at any given moment vary wildly, and that's exactly the point: it is up to you how you use this resource."

Mentoring Booklet

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