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When does a Rank School Leadership Award holder become a Rank Fellow?

At the start of year 12 (1st year sixth): see here for more details.

Are there any famous Rank Fellows?

Yes. Phil Dowson, England's rugby captain in May 2012, Chris Adams, the most successful cricket captain Sussex have ever had, and Simon Beaufoy, who won an Oscar for the screenplay of Slumdog Millionaire, all have their own Wikipedia entries.

Are there other Fellows living near me?

Please see our Fellows Database, check LinkedIn, post on our Facebook wall or contact Tim Young.

What if I can't give any time now?

Don't worry. There is no pressure on any Fellow, no obligation. It is believed after the selection process that most Fellows are predisposed to want to put something back, given an opportunity.

Why should I bother?

There is no coercion to give something back to society at any stage, but the overwhelming majority of Leadership Award-holders have expressed the wish to do so, when the opportunity arises.

How can I become more involved?

Contact us, see here.

What events are held?

The Fellowship organises dinners, mentoring evenings, charities, evenings and professional workshops for small charities. See here.

Are any events held outside London?

Yes, we held the 2008 Charities Evening in Manchester, the 2010 Charities Evening in Bath and a 2011 Charities Evening in Warrington.. The 2012 event is once again planned for the West Country in November and we have held dinners in locations such as Sedbergh and Bolton. Fellows come from across the British Isles and the Fellowship is committed to maximising opportunities for all Fellows to participate in its events.

When is the next event?

Please contact Rosamond McNulty for details

Is a Rank Fellow only meant to help Rank supported projects?

No, voluntarism and charitable endeavour are encouraged across the spectrum of charities and causes.

How does the Rank Fellowship communicate?

Our website is regularly updated. Newsletters are sent out by email 4 times a year. We also have a Facebook and LinkedIn online presence. As ever, these are no substitute for the personal channels of communication that flourish amid the many friends across the Fellowship.

How do I sign up to the newsletter?

Click here.

Is the Fellowship represented on any social networking sites?

Yes - Facebook and LinkedIn.

What is the link with Brazil?

Fred Packard's idea to locate past Fellows, and encourage them to work together for the general betterment of society, was very much inspired by the work and success of the Fundacao Estudar, which he has closely followed since its inception. See here for more details.

Are there other international links?

Yes, established via Honorary Fellows such as Stephen Day, a retired diplomat, with a particular interest in leadership in the Arab world. He has played a vital role in connecting the Fellowship with similar organisations in other countries. Fellows working elsewhere in the world, such as in Hong Kong, are happy to advise Fellows on particular areas.

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