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The Rank Fellowship

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What is the Rank Fellowship?

The Rank Fellowship is an organization made up of past and present beneficiaries of the Rank Foundation's School Leadership Award, known as Rank Fellows. For more details click here.

Why was it created?

The Fellowship was set up to nurture leaders for the benefit of society. It sprang from the vision of Fred Packard, the late Chairman of the Rank Foundation, who wanted to establish a forum where holders of the School Leadership Award could meet, socialize and work together.

When was it created?

The Rank Fellowship was launched in November 2003, twenty five years after the Rank Foundation Leadership Award was set up.

How many Rank Fellows are there?

About 1,400 (as at 2012).

Am I a Rank Fellow?

If you are aware that you had anonymous financial support in the sixth form at school, it may have been Rank funded, so you may be a Rank Fellow. Please contact us to check.

What is expected of a Rank Fellow?

As holders of the Rank Foundation Leadership Award, Rank Fellows are encouraged to behave as leaders in society, in short, to inspire others by their example. In practical terms, it is hoped that they will contribute to society and will be active among the community of Fellows, for example, by participating in events.

How can I get in touch?

Feel free to contact Tim Young or other members of the Steering Committee if you have any queries. The Fellowship is represented on LinkedIn(contact Kate Kynvin) and Facebook(contact Max Kirby) or click here.

Is there any religious aspect to the Rank Fellowship?


What is the relationship with the Rank Foundation?

The Rank Fellowship takes over when a Fellow's formal relationship with the Rank Foundation ends at the end of their sixth form or university career. School Leadership Award holders are recognised as School Fellows. Tim Young, as administrator of the Leadership Award, acts as a key point of contact between the two organizations in their joint endeavor to invest in leaders and advance charitable causes.

Who are the Rank family?

The Rank Foundation was set up by Lord (J. Arthur) Rank in 1953, continuing a tradition of enlightened benevolence that became a hallmark of the Rank family. J. Arthur's grandson, the late Fred Packard, established the Rank Fellowship 50 years later. The Ranks had their origins in milling, but their charitable activities began with J. Arthur's father, Joseph Rank, whose legacy is now known as The Joseph Rank Trust.

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