Minutes of the Steering Committee

Present: Lindsey Clay, Chair
Andrea Bonafe, Max Kirby, David McCausland, Rosamond McNulty, Tim Young.
Apologies: Jason Chaffer, Benet Northcote, Emma Watson-Mack, James Williams, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Sebastian Siersted, Stephen Day, Tom Heasman, Duncan Gibson, Piers Mudd, Cindy Onslow.
1. Welcome and Apologies
Lindsey Clay opened the meeting with a discussion of what had inspired her recently, and invited the committee to follow suit. The committee congratulated Lindsey on her inclusion in the Sunday Times "Debrett's 500, a list of the most influential people in the UK. Tarka L'Herpiniere was congratulated in his absence, on his completion of the Terra Nova Expedition, first taken by Scott in 1912. Adam Grodecki was also applauded for his inclusion at Davos, one of less than 40 under 30 year olds. Honourable mention was also given to the Rank Foundation as Runner Up in the Directory of Social Change's Great Giving Funders Award.
2. Minutes
The Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd December 2013 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be approved.
3. Communications Team
Meetings: David McCausland thanked those that attended the curry in Tooting, as preparation for the Tooting/Streatham walk, particularly the younger fellows who were able to join. The date for the walk was discussed, with a preliminary August date. The evening also highlighted the number of opportunities to support Fellows, for example watching Nathan Morris as part of the London Wasps, and supporting Toby Keel's band. Max Kirby thanked David McCausland for providing the drinks, and is keen to share recommendations for other curry houses in Tooting. A more formal communications team meeting is planned to take place before June, date to be agreed.
Website and Social Media: Discussion on how public facing the website should be continues, and the committee is keen to build on Tessa Packard's success of building instagram as part of her brand. The Fellowship instagram account has been launched and populated with some photos, including those from the Tooting meeting and plans were made to include the committee's "selfie" from the meeting. It is also key to fit in with the planned Rank Foundation website review.
4. Charities Team
Rank Challenge: The plans for the Rank Challenge, with detail developed by the Essex Boys and Girls Club, were circulated and there was discussion on wanting to priorities to the participation and inclusion elements of the Challenge, building on the success of the Blackpool event. The committee are keen that those who want to do only one of section of the Challenge are welcomed into participating. Tim Young reported back on a number of Rank supported charities who are keen to send a team, including Food Train, Hope to Oban and Lindley Educational Trust. Max Kirby praised the organisational skills of the team involved, and High Row as a venue.
Charities Evening 2014: Tim Young has visited the Guildhall in Hull and reported back that it will be
an excellent venue. This will build on Hull's connections with the Foundation and the current
investment in charities in the area, and the committee are looking forward to the event on the 31st
Other Charity Developments: David McCausland reported that he and a small number of Fellows will
be undertaking the brainstrust Night Ride on the 7th June, starting from Crystal Palace. Interested
Fellows are more than welcome to join him.
5. Mentoring team
Career Development Evening: Plans were discussed for the Career Development Evening on the 19th
March. Numbers are currently expected at around 25. Workshop leaders include Jason Chaffer,
Lindsey Clay, Piers Mudd, Duncan Gibson and Andrea Bonafe. The event will follow the Foundation
Board meeting, with arrivals at 6.30 and workshops beginning at 7pm. It was agreed that an email
survey would be sent out to get an idea of what attendees were interested in discussing, and where
they were placed in their careers.
Time to Shine Fellows: As agreed, Time to Shine interns have been offered the opportunity to join
the Fellowship once they have finished the Time to Shine programme. Those involved in Youth Work
join YARN, but others find the Fellowship and its wealth of opportunities more attractive. By the selfselecting
nature, those that become honorary Fellows are very interested in being active members,
and we have broadened the invitation to events such as the Career Development Evening to current
Time to Shiners as an introduction to the Fellowship.
Other Mentoring Developments: Informal connections are taking place within the Fellowship,
including David McCausland introducing Tom Motchman to a contact. There have also been offers
from older Fellows who are interested in supporting younger Fellows, should their career plans
match up.
6. Looking Outwards:
Fundacao Estudar: Andrea Bonafe clarified to the group that she is neither a member of nor a
spokesperson for Fundacao Estudar but as a fellow Brazilian is happy to work with the contact to see
if there can be a link from their website to the Fellowship's website, so that members coming to
London are aware that they are welcome to get in contact.
7. AOB
There was discussion of the date of the December meeting, and whether that would fit with
members' busy December schedules, or if it should be moved to January. Agreement was
postponed to the June meeting when people may have a better idea of schedules.
8. Dates of Future meetings:
Wednesday 4th June 2014, 6.00 p.m. at Warwick Square
Wednesday 3rd September 2014, 6.00 p.m. at Warwick Square
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