Minutes of the Steering Committee





Present: Jason Chaffer, Chairman


Jan Carter, Steve Cheal, Lindsey Clay, Lynn Garrad, Max Kirby, David McCausland, Rosamond McNulty, Piers Mudd, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, James Williams, Tim Young.


Apologies: Stephen Day, Tom Heasman, Duncan Gibson, Kate Kynvin, Piers Mudd, Benet Northcote, Janet Pickering, Daniela Barone Soares, Emma Watson-Mack, Jeremy Wilson.


1. Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 6thSeptember 2012 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.


2. 2012 Record of Fellowship Activity

Tim Young had previously circulated a report outlining the wide range of activities undertaken by the Fellowship during 2012.


3. Communications Team

Launch of new Website: David McCausland expressed particular thanks to Charlotte at Moore Wilson and to Tim Young and Rosamond McNulty for their assistance with the relaunch of the new website, which had been very well received.


Newsletter: The next newsletter will be posted on the website.


Facebook: Max Kirby reported that the Facebook group was working well, with people posting information about events and photographs of the events. It was a good way to keep in touch informally.


David McCausland added that the Comms Team had met in November and had been joined by a youth intern from Fundacao Estudar who had shared FE's new website. Jason Chaffer recorded a vote of thanks to the Comms Team, particularly for the new website.


Possible contents of the next Fellowship Review: Jason Chaffer reported that the Review was published on alternate years, containing facts and stories about Fellows. He asked whether the Review was still relevant or whether it was out of date. As 2013 is the 10th Anniversary of the formation of the Fellowship it was agreed that a special publication to mark the occasion would be of interest. Tim Young added that this year it would be published in September rather than March to coincide with the Foundation's Celebration Event in Blackpool, at the request of Charlie Harris.





Content suggestions included:


  • Tessa Packard: A timeline of influential dates published over two pages. It would be a visual programme of the last ten years, referring the reader to pieces in the Review.
  • Piers Mudd: It should include reflections of people's view of the past 10 years; illustrations and written pieces. He offered to write a piece on how he had sat next to Tim Young at the inaugural dinner at The Dorchester and his thoughts on events since that day.
  • Tessa Packard: People want rapid engagement today. Text should be broken up with visuals and graphics. Infographics are really engaging.
  • Lindsey Clay: The Fellows could be asked three questions, with the answers to be Tweet-sized, i.e. 140 characters. Fellows might be asked to report on what charities they were supporting and other things they were involved in, or asked what the next ten years would bring.


Design and format thoughts would be submitted to Moore Wilson as a matter of urgency. Tim Young noted that Tessa Packard's contribution to the design and format was crucial. Antonia Packard kindly offered to help in trying to gather the information.


All ideas and suggestions should be submitted to Tim Young by the end of January, which he would then review with Jason Chaffer. Rosamond McNulty would send an email to all members of the Steering Committee requesting their ideas and assistance.


4. Charities Team

Feedback on Bath Charities Evening: James Williams noted that the evening had built on the success of the previous event with a broader mix of guests and charities present. Tim Young reported that the feedback from the charities who had attended had been the most positive received to date. Jason Chaffer highlighted the success of previous Charities Evenings: MYST had been created following the first Manchester event and the Wiltshire Carers Trust had decided to create their own Fellowship following the first Charities Evening at Bath.


Planned Three Peaks Fundraising Event: Max Kirby reported that, following the success of the Le Jog fundraiser, it had been agreed to try and arrange a fundraising event every year and in 2013 it would be the Three Peaks Challenge, on the weekend of 20/21 July. Ten people had already expressed interest, and Lee Evans was gathering support from Merseyside Fellows, who would raise money for MYST. The participants would be encouraged to fundraise for whatever charity they chose to support. By organising the challenge themselves, it was hoped to keep costs down and entry would be £100, to encourage participation.


Max Kirby would publicise the event on Facebook and the website, and send out a flyer. Other charities supported by Rank would be encouraged to participate.


Steve Cheal to check with Charlie Harris to ensure the Rank Foundation flag is made available for the weekend.

Inner Temple in November: Jason Chaffer opened the discussion by reporting that the event would concentrate on the charities present and acknowledging the important milestone of the Fellowship's 10thAnniversary. Referring to the success of the ËœThink Big, Start Small" evening and how it had engaged the non-Fellows present, he hoped it would be possible to fill the room for the event, extending invitations to all Heads who had been involved with the Leadership Scheme. It was felt that 180 would be the maximum number for comfort. The invitation would be worded to encourage people to bring outside guests and parents would be welcomed.


In relation to the charities to be invited, these might include:


  • Charities who had taken on Time to Shine interns
  • Charities started up by young people
  • Those showing the value of restorative justice
  • Charities who might participate in the future could be invited to see what the evening was all about and to represent their charity as they walked around Inner Temple.


Max Kirby suggested producing a short video with reflections from Fellows, parents and Heads, which could subsequently be loaded onto the website. The suggestion was greeted enthusiastically and Jason Chaffer asked Max Kirby and Tom Heasman to develop the idea, adding that other ideas would be welcome.


Following discussion it was agreed that the event would be held on Wednesday 6thor 13th November, depending on availability of the venue. The date would be announced on the website once it had been agreed.



5. Mentoring Team

Feedback on ËœThink Big, Start Small": Antonia Packard reported that the evening had gone really well and better than she had anticipated. It had been a good mix of Fellows and people not remotely involved with Rank. One friend had contacted her after the event to say the evening had inspired him to start a venture selling old furniture to homeless people.


Max Kirby added that it had been a good balance of numbers, energy and focus.


Jason Chaffer offered his congratulations for a very successful first effort and suggested that it should be made an annual event, kindly offering the use of Manchester Square Partners offices. Tessa Packard felt that another event should be planned for Spring 2014, so that all efforts could be pooled into the Inner Temple Charities evening, which was agreed.


Plans for Mentoring Evening at Thinkbox in March: Tim Young reported that a different mentoring evening was held on alternate years, to address the different needs of Leadership Award Holders and Fellows, and that this year it was the turn of the School Fellows. A range of subject areas is offered and Fellows select which groups they wish to attend. The event is kindly hosted by Lindsey Clay at Thinkbox. It was currently planned to hold the event on 23rd or 26th March and invitations would be sent out once the date was finalised. Lindsey Clay confirmed that it would be possible to accommodate a group of about 40 people.




6. Anniversaries in 2013 and links

Jason Chaffer noted that, in addition to the 10th Anniversary of the Fellowship, 2013 marked the 60th Anniversary of the foundation of the Rank Charities. A Thanksgiving Service would be held at Wesley's Chapel in Old Street on 23rd April, and a celebration event at Blackpool on 19thSeptember. Tim Young added that discussions were taking place on the form of the Fellowship's contribution to the Blackpool event, but that Northern-based Heads and Fellows had been lined up to attend.


Jason Chaffer reported that invitations to both events were in the gift of the Rank Foundation, but that an invitation could be extended to committee members who would like to attend. He noted that the Fellowship would concentrate on the November Charities Evening and on producing a fantastic commemorative Review.


7. AOB

Fellows News: Tim Young reported that Neil Ritchie had been in touch to say that internships were available at the EU, which would be advertised on Facebook.


Mark Oakley had been appointed Canon of St Paul's Cathedral following the resignation of the previous Canon after the ËœOccupy" protest.



In closing the meeting, Jason Chaffer added that it was lovely to see Jan Carter again and also thanked Steve Cheal for attending. After the meeting, previous Committee members joined the group for a delayed Christmas celebration.




8. Dates of Future meetings:


Wednesday 6th March 2013, 6.00 p.m.at Warwick Square

Wednesday 5thJune 2013, at Warwick Square





Present: Jason Chaffer, Chairman


Joey Newton, Cindy Onslow, Lindsey Clay, Lynn Garrad, David McCausland, Max Kirby, Rosamond McNulty, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Emma Watson-Mack, Jeremy Wilson, Tim Young.


Apologies: Steve Cheal, Stephen Day, Tom Heasman, Duncan Gibson, Kate Kynvin, Piers Mudd, Benet Northcote, Daniela Barone Soares, James Williams.


Jason Chaffer opened the meeting and welcomed Rank Trustee Cindy Onslow, who had kindly agreed to join the Fellowship Steering committee, and also Joey Newton, Chairman of the Foundation. Daniela Barone Soares had reluctantly stood down from the Committee due to work commitments, but another member of Fundacao Estudar, Andrea Bonafe, would be appointed in her place.


Jason Chaffer also offered congratulations to Lindsey Clay's husband for winning an Olivier Award for his production of ËœTop Hat".



The Minutes of the meeting held on 6thMarch 2013 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.


2. Communications Team

Website & Newsletter: David McCausland reported on a meeting of the Comms Team the previous week, which had been attended by Steve Wilson of Moore Wilson. Moore Wilson had built the new website, and the various technical issues with the new version had now been resolved. However, problems still remained with the website settings (restoring the ability to Google individual Committee members would increase the number of hits), so David McCausland requested approval for the reinstatement of the website settings, which was agreed by the Committee.


The next investment, when budget permitted, would be to optimise the website for mobile telephones.


Update on the next Fellowship Review: Several designs for the cover of the Fellowship Review were tabled for consideration. The Committee agreed with the two options favoured by the Comms Team, which were younger and more modern, and would therefore also allow for less formal content. Following discussion, it was agreed that a Ëœtweaked" version of the design where the image Ëœbleeds" off the edge of the page was the preferred option.


In terms of content, there would be an introduction by Jason Chaffer, a welcome message from Joey Newton and an article by Larry Parsons. Smaller items would include pieces on the current school Fellows, an illustrated timeline, and the "three questions: answer in 140 characters. Of the suggested content layouts, it was agreed that the designs incorporating photographs were better and more engaging: either broken up text and photographs, or one large photograph with text boxes superimposed, and that the design throughout should be consistent. The Comms Team would agree the final design and content layout.


The Review would be sent out by post to Fellows and Heads past and present and a pdf version would be posted on the website.


4. Charities Team

Brighton Bike Ride: As so many of the Fellowship are committed to participating in the Three Peaks Challenge, the London to Brighton bike ride would not be taking place this year, although David McCausland and Neil Ritchie would do a night ride instead.

Update on Three Peaks Challenge " 19 to 21 July 2013: Max Kirby reported that 18-20 people would take part in the challenge, with support. Participants included Lee Evans and four others from MYST, Piers Mudd and his wife, John Luke Harris and Rowley Young. Thanks were due to the Education Centre for Adventure in Ayrshire for providing a mountain guide and the Salmon Centre in London who had kindly loaned a minibus; also to Tim Young, who was not only driving one minibus during the weekend, but who had persuaded an ex-colleague to be his co-driver.


In relation to insurance and disclaimers: walking and climbing are covered by the insurance of the adventure centre, and the minibuses are insured. Max Kirby would speak to Chris Dunning and Charles Harris at RFL who had extensive experience of organising such events.


Inner Temple Charities Evening - Wednesday 13th November: Tim Young reported that the venue was confirmed and requested any suggestions for particular charities to be invited be sent to him. A range of charities from within the Rank network would be invited.


Jason Chaffer added that the intention this year was to not only invite Rank trustees, but the Heads past and present and it was hoped to fill the venue to capacity. It was confirmed that, numbers permitting, some of the guests from the Philanthropy evening who had had no previous connection with Rank but had gained so much from the evening, should be invited.


As it was intended that both MYST and LYT would attend, it was agreed that it might be appropriate to invite Lee Evans to make the traditional speech on behalf of the charities present. It was agreed that one stall would be set aside for the Fellowship, to publicise the charitable activities of Fellows; such as Tessa and Antonia Packard's initiative with Marlborough College and Hamish Rosser, the school busker, to demonstrate that within the Fellowship there are people who incorporate philanthropy in their lives.

Report on visit to Merseyside Youth Support Trust (MYST): Tim Young reported on a recent visit to MYST in Merseyside, where this inspirational initiative had helped to set up 20 new businesses and 25 jobs by providing nurturing and guidance to the business start-ups. Lee Evans and John Kelly, the new Centre manager, work very closely with the businesses, some of the more entrepreneurial of which had really taken off.



5. Mentoring Team

Update on Mentoring Evening at Thinkbox in March: Jason Chaffer reported on a very successful evening at Thinkbox and thanked Lindsey Clay for hosting the event. Lindsey Clay noted that the addition of printed biographies and photographs of those involved had made it easier for people to see who they might wish to talk to. The event had a very positive atmosphere. Cindy Onslow added that it had been a great induction to the Fellowship; a buzzing atmosphere and a very good evening.


Leadership Day, Hinsley Room, Westminster Cathedral 12thSeptember: This year's Leadership Day would be held at a new venue located by Westminster Cathedral. Tim Young reported that while it was a slightly smaller space than Paddington Arts, the location was really convenient. Jason Chaffer reminded members of the Committee that everyone was welcome to attend.


6. Connections with the Foundation and beyond:

Thanksgiving Service: Joey Newton reported on the Service of Thanksgiving for Lord Rank held in April, which he felt had been an amazing occasion, and very well organised by the team, which had included his wife. It was made the more uplifting by the address given by Reverend the Lord Griffiths, Superintendent of Wesley's Chapel, who had a real understanding and feel for the work of the Foundation and the audience.


Blackpool Foundation Celebration 19th September: The occasion had set a very high level for the Charity's 60thanniversary celebrations and the next event in Blackpool, built onto the annual Youth Conference. Following the success of his address at the Thanksgiving Service, Lord Griffiths had accepted the invitation to be the guest speaker. There would be a full day of events from 9am to midnight, with various workshops, a ËœQuestion Time" style debate, a film premiere on the life of Lord Rank narrated by Antonia Packard and a show after the dinner which had been written by Rank's Charles Harris. It was hoped that this would be another great celebration of 60 years of Rank charitable giving. Jason Chaffer added that he hoped as many members of the Steering Committee as possible would attend the celebration. Invitations would be sent out within the next few weeks.


Noomane Fehri in Tunisia: Tim Young noted that it was not possible to provide an update on Noomane Fehri in Stephen Day's absence, but that he is now apparently the Deputy Leader of the parliamentary opposition in Tunisia.

Internship Opportunity in Brussels: Tim Young reported that Neil Ritchie had given details of an internship opportunity in Brussels at the EU.


James Williams̢ۉ㢠suggestion of a world map of Fellows: Following the suggestion by James Williams, consideration was being given to developing a world map of Fellows.


Care Farming: Emma Watson-Mack provided a short report on two charities with which she had recently been involved. The first is Jamie's Farm, where 450-500 11-14 year old children a year attend residential courses five days a week and which had an amazing effect on troubled young people. The other charity uses US-style horse riding for soldiers with life-changing injuries. Attending the farm helps them bond with the horses and gives them back a sense of leadership. The project is five years old and now wished to expand across the UK, due to the increasing number of injured soldiers.


Both projects are inspirational and the different models address different groups. There was scope for both to work together, with mentoring opportunities for the soldiers longer-term in bringing them together.


Jason Chaffer commented that he hoped the Foundation would continue to invest in care farms. Joey Newton added that the transformative affects on young people attending care farms was extraordinary.


7. AOB

Structure, dates and timings of meetings through the year: Jason Chaffer noted that if any Committee member had ideas or suggestions on improving the structure and timings of the meetings, these should be passed to Tim Young.

8. Dates of Future meetings:


Wednesday 4th September 2013, 6.00 p.m. at Warwick Square






Present: Jason Chaffer, Chairman


Lindsey Clay, Lynn Garrad, David McCausland, Max Kirby, Rosamond McNulty, Benet Northcote, Seb Siersted, James Williams, Tim Young



Apologies: Steve Cheal, Stephen Day, Tom Heasman, Duncan Gibson, Kate Kynvin, Piers Mudd, Cindy Onslow, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Emma Watson-Mack, Jeremy Wilson.


Jason Chaffer opened the meeting and welcomed Rank Fellow Seb Siersted, a second year biochemistry student at Oxford University. Seb explained that he had joined a committee at his college whose aim was to target schools and advise students of the availability of access funding to top universities. The committee had been investigating ways of improving returns and accessing more schools and had decided to trial an extended visit to a selected area, visiting second bracket schools and running seminars on the need for putting students forward to Oxford, helping with interview questionnaires etc. The undergraduates on these tours are not trying to sell Oxford, but aspiration, and Head Teachers had been very supportive of the initiative.


The pilot had been very successful, with 650 students attending and the visit costing £450-500. Benet Northcote offered to effect an introduction to the Chairman of Teach First following the demonstrable success of the pilot scheme.


News of Fellows: Jason Chaffer offered congratulations to


  • Tom Heasman on his recent marriage
  • Max Kirby on his new appointment at Venture Capital Partners, and to
  • Tessa Packard on her forthcoming marriage.




The Minutes of the meeting held on 5th June 2013 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.



2. Communications Team


Fellowship Review: Jason Chaffer offered his congratulations to the team for the latest Fellowship Review celebrating the Fellowship's 10thanniversary, which he thought was fantastic. James Williams felt that it really reflected the scope of the Fellowship, containing voices from all the different parts. David McCausland thanked Tim Young, Rosamond McNulty, Lindsey Clay, Tessa Packard and Moore Wilson for their considerable contribution to the publication.


Seb Siersted noted that he liked the fact that the School Fellows were at the centre of the Review and added that it showed the age and geographical range of the Fellowship. Max Kirby thought that the style and branding of the 2013 Review had created a momentum, and that expectation would be higher for the next edition, to be published in 2015.


Website, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin:In response to Max Kirby's request for his input on the question of social media and the Fellowship, Seb Siersted said that for the younger generation, social media was very much more engaging than more traditional means of communication. From his experience, the Facebook group was a good way to hear about Rank activities. It was not just a billboard but a way of attracting interest and getting people involved.


3. Charities Team

Three Peaks Challenge " 19 to 21 July: Max Kirby offered Ëœhuge kudos" to everyone who had made the challenge possible: from Tim Young doing half of the driving to his ex-RGS colleague acting as co-driver. Thanks were also due to the Fellows and family members, including Rowley Young and Max Kirby's mother. The Fellows included Neil Ritchie, Lee Evans, Piers and Mrs. Mudd, and John Luc Harris. There had been 21 walkers in total, enjoying amazing weather.


Tim Young added that problems with the Liverpool bus meant that the Merseyside contingent had only completed two of the three peaks. However, the expedition had raised £2-3,000 for MYST, and Neil Ritchie, having completed two of the three peaks, raised Eu 800 for Médecins sans Frontieres.


Max Kirby was pleased to note that the Rank Foundation flag had been displayed on all three peaks.


Inner Temple Charities Evening - Wednesday 13th November: James Williams reported that arrangements with Inner Temple were well in hand. In addition to the invited charities, this year tables would be included for Fellows to showcase their charitable activities.


Rosamond McNulty noted that 500 invitations had been posted to Fellows and Heads with the Fellowship Review, and email invitations would be sent to another 200 Fellows. In response to Jason Chaffer's question as to whether the message could be passed to current School Fellows that their parents were also invited, Tim Young said this would be relayed at the Leadership Day on 12thSeptember.

Other charitable initiatives: Tim Young reported on recent charitable activities by Fellows:

  • Ben Laurie at Sedbergh organised an outdoor pursuit weekend for the project where he had done his CAP placement. They ended up climbing Jeremy Wilson's wall in Cumbria,
  • Lachlan Cheyne had organised a golf fundraiser for Centre 63, and
  • Hamish Rosser from Reading Blue Coats had spent time with the Music in Hospitals Charity and has now completed setting up a Ëœmusic busker" YouTube site where viewers can click on a school to donate money.



4. Mentoring Team

Leadership Day, Westminster Cathedral, 12th September: Tim Young reported that 37 Fellows would be attending the forthcoming Leadership Day, with an opening address from David McCausland.


Career Development Evening, Spring 2014: Max Kirby noted that after the feedback from the previous evening, it was felt that another of these successful events should be held. The people attending had found them really helpful in terms of receiving advice on building a personal brand, managing a career and finances. Max Kirby offered to speak to Antonia and Tessa Packard, and also to Seb Siersted and others to seek ideas on what they would find useful. It was agreed that another Career Development Evening should be scheduled in Spring 2014.



5. Connections with the Foundation and beyond:

Blackpool Foundation Celebration 19th September: Tim Young reported that over 300 people would gather to celebrate the 60thanniversary of Rank. Max Kirby would represent the Fellowship in a workshop discussing Changing Lives, along with Rank's Time to Shine interns and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. Lee Evans would be taking part in a lunchtime ËœParkinson Show" style interview session. There would also be a manned Fellowship stand in the Hotel's lobby.


Jason Chaffer added that the main address would be given by The Reverend The Lord Griffiths, Superintendent Minister of Wesley's Chapel in London, who had given such an amazing address at the Service of Thanksgiving held in April.

Springboard Bursary Scheme: Tim Young reported on a meeting with the CEO of a scheme which aimed to develop a charity to take disadvantaged children and put them in boarding schools. It had been operational for a year, and 30 students would join their new schools in September. Springboard pays full fees for students at state boarding schools, while private boarding schools are asked to offer full fees to the students.


Tim Young also reported the Fellowship's connections with a scheme in Liverpool which takes very bright students from deprived backgrounds and puts them into top schools. Tim noted that the Trustees were moving towards stronger subsidy of state school pupils through university. They must demonstrate the same leadership potential as private school applicants and, while questions could not be asked about parental income for state school pupils, the Heads are usually familiar with the family's financial circumstances.



6. AOB

Structure, dates and timings of meetings through the year: The 3rd and 5th December had been proposed as potential dates for the December Steering committee meeting and the opportunity for a Christmas get-together with former committee members also invited. It was agreed that the meeting would be held on Tuesday 3rd December, although Lindsey Clay noted that it was an extremely busy time of year for her and that she would be unlikely to be able to attend a December meeting. Once again, Jason Chaffer kindly offered the Committee the opportunity to meet at Manchester Square Partners offices.


News of Fellows:

David McCausland reported that a new scholar was arriving from Fundacao Estudar in Brazil. He is studying for his Masters and doing similar things to Seb Siersted, and David McCausland would therefore try and arrange a meeting.


He would also try to arrange another gathering for Fundacao Estudar's London alumni.


8. Dates of Future meetings:


Tuesday 3rd December 2013, 5.30 p.m. at Manchester Square Partners offices



News of Fellows:

David McCausland reported that he had been invited to the swearing in ceremony of a Fellow who had been appointed a High Court judge.

Tim Young noted that the Head of Canford, John Lever, would shortly be retiring. It was agreed that he should be invited to become an Honorary Fellow.





Present: Jason Chaffer, Chairman


Andrea Bonafe, Lola Butterfield, Max Kirby, David McCausland, Rosamond McNulty, Benet Northcote, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Seb Siersted, Emma Watson-Mack, James Williams, Jeremy Wilson, Tim Young.


Apologies: Lindsey Clay, Stephen Day, Tom Heasman, Duncan Gibson, Piers Mudd, Cindy Onslow.


1.Welcome and Apologies

Jason Chaffer opened the meeting with congratulations to Tessa Packard on her recent wedding, and welcomed Rank staff member Lola Butterfield. He congratulated everyone on an excellent anniversary year with particular commendation of events such as the Charities Evening at the Inner Temple, the Leadership Day, the Mentoring Evening at ThinkBox, the Three Peaks Challenge, and the publication of the review.



The Minutes of the meeting held on 4 September 2013 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.


3. Communications Team

Website and Newsletter: David McCausland thanked Rosamond McNulty and Tim Young for getting the newsletter out on 13thSeptember. The website is coming to the end of its review period. There have been some problems with the Google algorithm, with the number of website hits being significantly lower than with the older website. Tim Young suggested this may be a function of the way people are trying to access the website. Rosamond McNulty explained that the hits may be lower as a result of people reviewing the newsletter on their phones and therefore were less likely to click through to the website. She added that you can see on the software who is accessing the website, where they are in the world, and whether they have clicked through to links. David McCausland requested that Steve Wilson should do a diagnostic review of the website. Max Kirby considered restructuring the newsletter into a friendlier format since more people now access it on their phones.


Tessa Packard talked about her social media website, emphasising the value of Instagram and proposed that an Instagram account should be set up: it could show Mentoring Days, Leadership Days, Charity Evenings and generally give a better visual idea of the events organised by Rank. She suggested that when launching an Instagram account that it would be a good idea to put on a number of photographs. It would be a very good idea to get the Rank network and charities using it. Max Kirby agreed that visual representation is very powerful and easier to see on the phone than text. An organisation with its roots in the media should aim to develop a stronger visual legacy of Fellowship events. Tessa Packard asked if there were any Fellows who would want to do graphic design or film making, and suggested the possibility of an internship project. Max Kirby suggested that we should utilise the expertise from CTVC and perhaps we could use an intern from CTVC.


4. Charities Team

Inner Temple Charities Evening: James Williams reported on this as a particularly good event, with the best range of charities so far. Good feedback had been received from the charities themselves, and it was an added bonus to have the Rank Fellows' charities present.


Emma Watson-Mack said it was useful to have had the Fellows' stand highlighted in the opening speeches, but would have preferred to have brought someone from the charity to answer particular questions. Max Kirby confirmed that he brought two people from the charity that he works closely with and found this useful.


Benet Northcote asked if figures and quantitive feedback could be gathered from this event, and a useful discussion was had on the possibility of this, as much of the Fellowship's feedback is often anecdotal and relies on the "warm glow factor" rather than facts and figures. Jason Chaffer referred back to the origins of the Foundation as a secret benefactor imbibing people with the means and inspiration to press forward, and how this can grow, particularly in the age of digital media. Seb Siersted added that he and members of his year group have appreciated being brought together by the Rank Foundation, and are keen to continue making social connections, and to encourage others to make similar organic connections, whether offline or online. Tim Young suggested that we look to sustain the inspiration of the Charities Evening with Tessa Packard's suggestion of instagram, and use substantive evidence for other questions.


Outdoor Challenge: Tim Young circulated the two alternatives for the proposed Rank Outdoor Challenge. There was some discussion as to which would be the most inclusive option, including the sociability and cost. Jeremy Wilson suggested that the most sociable route would be hiking, and Max Kirby focused on the importance of a base camp so that those who did not wish or could not participate in the activity could also be involved. Rank Trustee Jo Ropner has offered Camp Hill as a base camp, and the alternative was well reviewed from those who participated in the Three Peaks Challenge. Jason Chaffer summarised that there was clearly a great deal of interest in this, and so the team should press on with planning the activity.


Charities Evening 2014: Tim Young raised the question of next year's venue, and it was agreed that Hull would be particularly suitable, given its alignment with the history of the Foundation and the current investment in charities in the area.


Following on from discussion about the Foundation's work in Hull, Emma Watson-Mack reported on the recent visit on Dundee with Rank Executives David Sanderson, Caroline Broadhurst and Chris Dunning. This was an exploratory visit to the city which is in need of investment as it features highly on a number of scales relating to poverty and health. Emma described the visit as useful and informative, and Tim Young commented on this being an interesting development for the Fellowship in that a Fellow was now assisting with potential future investments of the Foundation.


5. Mentoring team

Leadership Day: This year's Leadership Day was held at a new venue located by Westminster Cathedral. Tim Young reported that while it was a slightly smaller space than Paddington Arts, the location was really convenient. Jeremy Wilson commented that he felt it was cosy and friendly, and had received very positive feedback. It was therefore agreed that it would be repeated at the same venue in 2014.


Career Development Evening: Tessa and Antonia Packard both commented that it would be excellent to repeat this again this year, particularly with the inclusion of non-Fellows who have found it useful in the past, and Max Kirby suggested that it would be possible to make the workshops more focused this year since many attendees would be repeat visitors.


Mentoring possibilities for LYST: It was agreed that Fellows should be approached as mentors of LYST. Following from this Jason Chaffer suggested that MYST should be incorporated as a possibility for fundraising in the Outdoor Challenge: participants could be offered the options of not fundraising, fundraising for a particular, personally chosen cause, or fundraising for MYST.


6. Connections with the Foundation and beyond:

Blackpool Foundation Celebration 19th September: Emma Watson-Mack reported on the event very positively, particularly given the variety of personal stories about people's involvement with the Rank Foundation. Antonia Packard's film was praised, and Antonia commented that she really enjoyed making it, and she also praised the young people involved in the show at the event that followed the film. Max Kirby's involvement in another workshop was also warmly received, and many people commented that the variety of workshops made it very difficult to choose between them, and was an excellent demonstration of the breadth of the Foundation's work.


Fundacao Estudar:David McCausland thanked Seb Siersted for "buddying up" with the latest member of FE to join him at Oxford University, and particularly for looking after him at the Charities Evening. He also thanked Andrea Bonafe for coming onboard the Fellowship Committee as a representative of FE. Andrea Bonafe thanked David McCausland in turn for bringing the UK-based members of FE together, and she said that she looks forward to another social event.


7. AOB

David McCausland presented his map of Streatham indicating key places that tied in with the history of the Rank Foundation, and is keen to organise a social event in the Summer which would include a walk through these areas.


The committee unanimously proposed a toast to Fred Packard, whose vision lives on in the Fellowship, and to Jason Chaffer for his leadership over these first ten years.


8. Dates of Future meetings:


Wednesday 5th March 2014, 6.00 p.m. at Warwick Square

Wednesday 4thJune 2014, 6.00 p.m. at Warwick Square

Wednesday 3rdSeptember 2014, 6.00 p.m. at Warwick Square


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