Minutes of the Steering Committee





Present:                      David McCausland - Meeting Chairman


Jan Carter, Jason Chaffer, Lindsey Clay, Stephen Day, Lynn Garrad, Duncan Gibson, Tom Heasman, Max Kirby, Emma Watson-Mack, James Williams, Tim Young.


Apologies:                  Steve Cheal, Andrew Cowen, Kate Kynvin, Piers Mudd, Benet Northcote, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Anish Patel, Daniela Barone Soares, Jeremy Wilson.


1.       Welcome

As meeting Chairman, David McCausland opened the meeting by offering belated birthday wishes and presenting a gift to Jason Chaffer on behalf of the steering committee.


2.       Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 6th December 2011 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.


Matters arising:


In Antonia Packard's absence, David McCausland noted that a report on the Marlborough College event would be presented to the June meeting.


3.         Communications Team


Website: The approved template for the Home page of the redesigned website was tabled and was very well received. David McCausland expressed the Fellowship's gratitude for the time and effort put in by Steve Wilson of Moore Wilson, at a considerably reduced fee. Accordingly, he was determining the timings for the development of both the overall website and the 16-30 Group section. Steve Wilson hopes to attend the June Committee meeting to talk about the changes to 'Website 3'.


Newsletter: It was noted that the template of the Newsletter would have to be amended to mirror the style of the revised website. David McCausland reported that he would like to relinquish the editorship of the Newsletter over the course of the coming year and would welcome suggestions for someone to take over the role. Tim Young added that it was a very effective communication tool which is well received by Fellows.


Tim Young added that Rosamond Joseph had been appointed re replace Jan Carter on her retirement in May 2012. She has a first class degree from Manchester University, and MSc in New Media from the LSE and so was very comfortable in using new media as a communications tool.


ecards: David McCausland again thanked Tessa Packard for kindly agreeing to design the ecards disseminated to the Fellowship.


Updating contact details: It was agreed to be important to continue contacting Fellows to update their contact details. Tim Young noted that, given his forthcoming finals, Tom Heasman would be willing to allocate a week or so, time permitting; or Rosamond Joseph could telephone Fellows on her commencement to introduce herself and at the same time request update information. Duncan Gibson suggested the insertion of a link at the bottom of future newsletters "click here to update your details."


4.         Mentoring Team


Career Development Evening: This will take place on 20th March at Manchester Square Partners' offices and the sessions would be led by Jason Chaffer, Lindsey Clay, Jeremy Wilson, Duncan Gibson and Neil Ritchie. There was considerable discussion on the format for the evening where the themes would include:


  • Entrepreneurship in the broader community
  • Brand and reputational risk, incorporating career management and change management and network building.


Each session will last 40 minutes to allow sufficient time for questions. The event will start at 6.30pm and finish as close to 8.30pm as possible.


Leadership Day: The key date of the year for the Leadership Fellows will be held at Paddington Arts on 13th September 2012.


Max Kirby suggested that holding a Leadership Day at Jeremy Wilson's climbing centre in Cumbria might be very successful, which was warmly welcomed by the Committee. Tim Young recommended that this should be an additional event for the young Fellows, outdoor based over a weekend, and could be opened up to include Fellows at university.


Jason Chaffer suggested that a task should be set at Leadership Day to deliver a schedule of what the activity weekend would consist.


5.         Charities Team


MYST progress and launch: Tim Young reported that MYST, set up in the North West by Rank Fellow, Lee Evans, had been awarded a grant from the Foundation. A centre manager has been appointed, who is currently undergoing training at LYST in London. The original launch date of 22nd March had been slightly delayed. Tim Young noted that MYST greatly appreciated the considerable amount of advice they had received from the Fellowship, particularly David McCausland.


Le Jog: Max Kirby reported that six Fellows, and hopefully the same number from Essex Boys & Girls Clubs would be cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats in August, covering 120 miles a day. A detailed schedule had been produced, and it was hoped to visit Rank-supported projects from Cornwall to Scotland along the route. Each cyclist hopes to raise £500 for the Essex Boys & Girls Club and additional money for other charities within the Rank Network.


London to Brighton: David McCausland reported that a Fellowship team would be participating for the third year running, with a night ride included for the first time. Twelve people will participate, including three guest riders.


Philanthropy Event in November: In Antonia Packard's absence, discussion of the event was deferred until the June meeting. However, it was noted that it would take place at Manchester Square Partners' offices and would be followed by the Fellowship's London Social evening.


6.         Regional Developments & Overseas Links


South West Charities Evening on 16th November : Once again, the event would be held at Prior Park College, Bath. Names of people to be invited should be passed to Tim Young.


Fundacao Estudar:  David McCausland reported that Fundacao Estudar would be holding their first London social event, inviting the Europe-wide alumni. It is hoped that the founders would attend, as well as Tim Young's counterpart in Sao Paolo. It will be an informal gathering where attendees would pay £20-30 each to cover the bar costs, etc. Jason Chaffer kindly offered the facilities of Manchester Square Partners' offices. David McCausland will circulate the date for the event once it was established.


7.         AOB


Tim Young reported that the retiring Head of Worth School, subsequently Abbot, had been invited to become an honorary Fellow. It was agreed he would be a good asset to the Fellowship.


At the end of the meeting, Jason Chaffer addressed Jan Carter on behalf of the Fellowship, who is retiring following fifteen years with Hillside Studios and Rank. In addition to her work for the fellows and the Fellowship, she also coped with the demands of the Foundation's considerable number of applications for the Small Appeals grants. Jason Chaffer added that it had been wonderful to have Jan working with the Fellowship and ended by wishing her well for the future, whatever it might bring.


In reply, Jan Carter noted that she had really enjoyed working at Rank, but particularly the Leadership and Fellowship. It had been a wonderful experience which she knew she was going to miss.


In closing the meeting at 7.30pm, David McCausland  thanked Jason Chaffer and Jen Smyth for the sandwiches and drinks served in the Manchester Square Partners' Boardroom.



8.         Dates of Future meetings:


            Wednesday 13th June 2012 at 6.30 p.m. at 12 Warwick Square

            Wednesday 5th September 2012 at 6.30 p.m. at Warwick Square





Present: Jason Chaffer, Chairman

Lynn Garrad, Max Kirby, David McCausland, Rosamond McNulty, Piers Mudd, Tessa Packard, James Williams, Tim Young.

Apologies: Steve Cheal, Lindsey Clay, Andrew Cowen, Duncan Gibson, Tom Heasman, Kate Kynvin, Benet Northcote, Antonia Packard, Anish Patel, Janet Pickering, Daniela Barone Soares, Jeremy Wilson.

1. Welcome

Jason Chaffer opened the meeting by formally welcoming Rosamond McNulty to the Fellowship Steering Committee. Rosamond had been appointed in April to replace Jan Carter on her retirement, and had previously worked at the Special Schools and Academies Trust. With an MSc in New Media from LSE, Rosamond would be happy to help with the website and new media communications. Jason Chaffer added that he had received a card from Jan Carter saying how much she had enjoyed working with the Fellowship.

2. Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 7thMarch 2012 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.

3. Communications Team

Website: David McCausland reported that the new website was close to delivery and its unveiling would be timed to coincide with the next Fellowship Newsletter. He added that the communications team would be very grateful if Rosamond McNulty would take a dispassionate look at the redesigned website, particularly in terms of the requirements of the Data Protection Act.

Max Kirby commented that he felt the new site would be a considerable improvement, with the ability to show updates and a more informal feel to the 16-30 section. Tessa Packard added that the redesign was much fresher and the website more user friendly.

Moore Wilson were making the website easier to browse, and had requested original documents, where possible, for an archive of old newsletters, reports etc.

Newsletter: David McCausland confirmed that the next newsletter would be in the style of the redesigned website.

Twitter: In Tom Heasman’s absence, Tim Young asked Rosamond McNulty for her views on growing the Twitter group. Rosamond McNulty reported that it could be used initially to draw attention to the website and to direct pages. As well as issuing news stories on the website and to the Facebook group, re-tweeting people’s good news or a news story would interest people in following.

There was general agreement that refreshing the website and increasing utilisation of new media would encourage Fellows to engage more. Max Kirby added that the Comms Tam would always be playing ‘catch up’ with the 16-30 age group as the website by its nature could not be cutting edge, however maximising accessibility would improve the interaction.

The app concept was still under consideration, but all efforts were currently being expended on the website relaunch.

Tim Young highlighted the new legislation about ‘cookies’ and the requirement to display on a website the information that your website uses cookies. Moore Wilson had undertaken a cookie audit for the Foundation, and when the new Fellowship website went live, they would ensure the relevant privacy policy statements were incorporated.

Updating contact details: Following Tom Heasman’s success in contacting Fellows to obtain current contact details in 2011, Rosamond McNulty noted that she would be keen to do it and had been contacting younger Fellows on an ad hoc basis, who were happy to give updated information. Tim Young felt that this would be a good opportunity to telephone people who had not been in contact for 3 / 4 years.

4. Mentoring Team

Career Development Evening: Tessa Packard noted that the evening went really well and there had been a real sense of community. Her circumstances had changed since the previous evening two years ago and she had found the advice extremely useful. The smaller groups were believed to have worked better, with Max Kirby noting that it had a tutorial feel to it rather than a seminar, which was why it had been successful.

Piers Mudd thought it had been a brilliant evening, but had one comment: the evening was a very positive ‘taster’ for people to benefit from the expertise put at their disposal, but he hoped it would not be asking too much of the people offering their time and advice to also make clear they would be willing to provide further advice, if required. Following discussion, it was felt that they would be happy to help. Jason Chaffer noted that in his professional experience, people loved to help at all levels of business.

It was agreed that at the next Career Development Evening the younger Fellows should be mixed around as the evening progressed.

Leadership Day: To be held at Paddington Arts on 13thSeptember 2012.

This year the award-holders would be making a video on the theme of leadership, which had been a popular challenge previously. The last film had been put on the TrueTube website, and this year’s would be featured on the Fellowship website. The theme for the day is Mentoring: the Upper VIth will be mentoring the Lower VIth and helping them to prepare for the year ahead. It was agreed that Mr. Joey Newton would be invited to give the opening speech.

Jason Chaffer reported that it had been suggested at the Foundation’s Board Meeting that afternoon that the winner of the Rank Memorial Award should be put in touch with Antonia Packard, as her research will be into domestic violence and how it is treated in South Africa and the USA.

Mentoring developments since March:

  • Stephen Day had arranged an internship in Qatar for a Fellow studying Arabic at university;
  • Time to Shine Internship run by Caroline Broadhurst at the Foundation, which gives a 10-12 month paid internship with a charity having a connection with RFL. Tim Young reported that it was a brilliant programme, which he had emailed details of to some award holders, who had expressed interest. With only two years’ intake, they would have difficulty in setting up an alumni, so it was agreed that they would be invited to become honorary Fellows, which would add an extra dimension to the Fellowship too.

5. Charities Team

London to Brighton: David McCausland reported that he and Rank Fellow Neil Ritchie had participated in the London to Brighton night bike ride and that on 17th June, a ten-strong Rank Fellowship team would be departing on the London to Brighton bike ride, and stopping en route for the usual breakfast kindly hosted by James Dingemans’ wife. A report on the event will be give to the September Committee meeting.

Le Jog: Max Kirby reported that five Fellows and five from Essex Boys and Girls Club would be taking part in Le Jog: the plan was to cycle 900 miles in eight days, setting off on 26th August and visiting Rank projects en route. A report on the ride will be given to the next Committee meeting.

Philanthropy Event in November: In Antonia Packard’s absence, Tessa Packard spoke on her behalf and reported that the plan was to run an event along the same lines as the Mentoring Evening, with three key speakers who are tied into philanthropy. The aim is to try and instil a sense that charity work does not have to be along traditional lines, but can be socially entrepreneurial. Antonia Packard would be happy to give a talk on setting up a charity or her charitable work.

Jason Chaffer had kindly offered the use of Manchester Square Partners’ offices for the event. Following discussion, it was agreed that it would be held before the London Social Evening in November and invitations could be extended to Rank Gappers’ and Time to Shine interns.

It would be called ‘An Evening of Social Entrepreneurship’ and held on Wednesday 21stNovember. Jason Chaffer suggested that the first Rank Memorial Award Winner, Ben Craig, who had set up an organic farm to allow him to put his ideas of leadership for sustainable change into practice, would be a good speaker. Tessa Packard offered to put a proposal together, and then work with Tim Young and Rosamond McNulty to communicate the message to the Fellowship.

Other charitable initiatives: Tim Young reported on various other charitable initiatives:

  • The North West Fellows formally opened the MYST charity premises in Liverpool;
  • Imogen Schofield at Sedbergh has raised £6,000 to run an outward bound course at the school for people from Westminster House. Unfortunately she will not be there herself as she will have taken up her scholarship in America by then;
  • Seb Siersted of Canford is raising funds for a charity in Delhi which aims to send street children to university; and
  • Kate Pearson is delivering a new website for the north London charity, Prospex, which she will devise for them over the summer holidays.

6. Regional Developments & Overseas Links

South West Charities Evening on 16th November: Invitations to the event will be sent out to charities in July.

Fundacao Estudar: David McCausland reported that he had so far been unsuccessful in trying to get one of the founders of Fundacao Estudar to organise an event in London; to be attended by all the London and Europe-based alumni a well as some of the Fellowship. They are keen to attend another social event, and could be invited to the November Social Evening.

7. AOB

2013 Rank Foundation Celebration in Blackpool: Jason Chaffer reported that 2013 was a very special year for the Foundation: it is the 60th year of the formation of Rank charities, the 40thanniversary of the Rank Foundation, 35th year of the school leadership award and the 10th anniversary of the Fellowship. A large celebration event is planned in Blackpool on 19th September to which many charities and VIPs would be invited. Antonia Packard is involved in the CTVC video about Lord Rank, which will be premiered at the event and there had been various offers from the Fellowship in the North West hoping to be involved.

There will also be a church service of thanksgiving at the Wesley Chapel in Old Street on 23rd April, for those who cannot go to Blackpool.

Jason Chaffer noted that the Committee should discuss how the Fellowship wished to get involved, who wished to attend and how the Fellowship would represent itself.

In closing the meeting at 7.45pm and supper was served in the Boardroom.

8. Dates of Future meetings:

Wednesday 5th September 2012 at 6.30 p.m. at Warwick Square

Wednesday 5th December 2012 at 6.30 p.m. at Warwick Square





Present: Jason Chaffer, Chairman

Lynn Garrad, Tom Heasman, Max Kirby, David McCausland, Rosamond McNulty, Emma Watson-Mack, Jeremy Wilson, Tim Young.

Apologies: Steve Cheal, Lindsey Clay, Andrew Cowen, Stephen Day, Duncan Gibson, Kate Kynvin, Piers Mudd, Benet Northcote, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Janet Pickering, Daniela Barone Soares, James Williams.

1. Welcome

Jason Chaffer opened the meeting by thanking Committee members for accommodating the late notice for changing the date of the meeting. Following apologies for absence, Tim Young reported that Mr. Andrew Cowen would be taking over the Chairmanship of CTVC from January 2013 and would therefore no longer be attached to the Fellowship Steering Committee.

2. Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 13thJune 2012 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.

3. Communications Team

Website: Tim Young reported that the new website was very close to going live. The new site was rather more complex to handle and therefore Tim Young and Rosamond McNulty would have further discussions with Moore Wilson and possibly tuition on managing the new system. Tim Young reported that a video option would be available on the home page and asked that any appropriate video clips be sent to him for insertion on the site. Max Kirby agreed to provide video clips of the London-Brighton cycle ride, as well as Le Jog, which could be added to the video library and on the Fellowship’s Facebook page.

Max Kirby and Tom Heasman were in the process of updating the 16-25 zone. Max Kirby noted that the release of website 3 should not be delayed while awaiting the completion of this section, which would not take long to finalise.

Following discussion, it was agreed that the revised website would go live towards the end of the year.

Twitter: Tom Heasman reported on discussions regarding Facebook and Twitter, and the agreement that these were the most active places for young people to visit. There will be a direct link from the website to Facebook, which would be the communication hub for the 16-25 age bracket. Max Kirby added that the intention for the 16-25 zone on the website was to include some useful content, such as CAP reports, key pointers etc., but the zone would not be interactive as the visitors would be re-directed to Facebook.

The Facebook page had recently been moved to a new-style format: the page looks better and it is easier to share information. Over the last week, five to six people a day ‘liked’ the new layout, which was encouraging. Another advantage was that once over 30 people ‘liked’ the page, Facebook would provide analytics about visitor numbers etc. The page was also linked to Twitter, enabling tweets to go up on the Facebook page.

Jason Chaffer requested that this should be disseminated to the award holders at Leadership Day.

Newsletter: David McCausland noted that particular thanks were due to Rosamond McNulty for her assistance with the latest newsletter.

Contact with individual fellows: Tim Young reported that Rosamond McNulty had been concentrating on sending out invitations to the Prior Park Charities Evening, by email and post. Once this was complete, then more people would be contacted individually to check their contact details and remind them of Fellowship activities. The intention is to systematically telephone all members of the Fellowship, over time.

Jason Chaffer reported that there was a new site whereby you could email an invitation, which appears in an ‘envelope’, which is an increasingly popular way of issuing invitations, and would ask his PA to provide details of the service.

4. Mentoring Team

Leadership Day: Paddington Arts 13th September 2012.

This year the 38 award-holders attending Leadership Day would be making a video on the theme of leadership, with the assistance of the team from CTVC. Mr. Joey Newton would be giving the opening speech. The award holders will be asked to mentor each other: the Upper VI students have been contacted and asked to come along prepared to pass on ideas and advice as to what would have been helpful for them to know.

Max Kirby, Tom Heasman and Natasha Heny would also be contributing.

Proposed gathering in NW in 2013: Tim Young asked Max Kirby to expand on his previous suggestion for an outdoor-based leadership weekend. Max noted that the introduction of the Leadership Days had been a great innovation and provided a crucial introduction to the Leadership, as well as offering an opportunity to meet other award holders and key people in the Fellowship and the Foundation. However, there might be more that could be done with the leadership element to provide the award holders with more frequent opportunities to get together, which had crystallised when Jeremy Wilson had very kindly offered the use of his Outdoor Centre in the Lake District as a possible venue. It was felt that an adventure weekend could strengthen bonds within the Fellowship.

It was proposed to announce the initiative at Leadership Day and seek the Fellows views of the proposal, which would probably take place in Summer 2013.

In relation to accommodation, Tim Young offered to talk to the staff at Sedbergh School, and Jason Chaffer suggested contacting Chris Dunning at the Foundation, who has links with the Youth Hostelling Association. Max Kirby had also stayed at the Essex Boys & Girls Club North Cumbrian retreat, High Row, which possibly could lead to a joint activity with them during that weekend.

Time to Shine connection and other developments: Tim Young had reported at the June meeting on the very impressive Time to Shine Internship programme run by Caroline Broadhurst at the Foundation. He added that the young people doing the paid internships with charities tended to be university graduates and that, as the programme was still in its infancy, it had been agreed to invite the interns to become honorary Fellows until a Time to Shine alumni could be formed. From the initial twelve invitations issued, three interns had immediately accepted the offer and one intern, based on Merseyside, had expressed interest in helping MYST. It was a very encouraging start and the interns bring their experience of working with the voluntary sector, which most Fellows do not have.

5. Charities Team

Le Jog Report: Max Kirby reported that the twelve cyclists with two support crew had completed the 900 mile inaugural ride in one week. Three fellows took part, Max Kirby, Tom Mottram and Simon Barker, with family and friends, together with the contingent from Essex Boys and Girls Club, including their director.

Thanks were due to: the youth clubs who let the team stay overnight, often at no charge; Tim Young for sponsoring the cycling shirts worn on the ride; Essex Boys and Girls Club who had provided an incredible infrastructure for the ride; and also to Warburtons.

Max Kirby added that he wished to note two things:

(1)The ride had brought Fellows closer together and had enabled them to visit some Rank-sponsored projects, which had been quite uplifting.

(2)How to build on this. The Essex Boys and Girls Club are very keen to continue joint projects in the future, such as the Three Peaks Challenge next summer. It was also hoped that some of the other charities supported by Rank who do not benefit from the fantastic infrastructure of Essex Boys & Girls Club could take advantage of this in the future.

Social Entrepreneurship Evening on 21 November: In Antonia and Tessa Packard’s absence, Tim Young provided an update on plans for the event. Kindly hosted by Jason Chaffer at Manchester Square Partners’ offices, it was intended that the event would be run along the lines of the career development evening, where there would be three separate groups.

(1)Tessa and Antonia would talk about setting up a charity and the bursary syndicate they had established at their old school;

(2)Max Kirby and others would talk about broadening out from fundraising; and

(3)Piers Mudd and Emma Watson-Mack would discuss giving a small amount of time on a regular basis to help charities.

Also invited would be: Ben Craig, the inaugural Rank Memorial Award winner, to talk about setting up a social enterprise in Northern Ireland, and Tom Geddes on his charitable work in Africa. David McCausland suggested, and it was agreed, that Daniele Barone Soares should also be invited to participate.

Max Kirby added that it was a good complement to the Charities Evening and could help answer the question: "How can I get involved?”

Other charitable initiatives: Tim Young reported that School Fellow Joe Burrows, fired with enthusiasm following his two CAP placements, had returned to help the Arun Community Church with their summer programme and had been invited by the charity to join their Rwanda trip in 2013.

6. Regional Developments & Overseas Links

South West Charities Evening on 16th November: Tim Young reported that all the charities who had participated in 2010 had been invited to the Charities Evening, and that those who could not attend this year had been replaced with other interested charities. It was acknowledged that Prior Park was a lovely venue in a beautiful location.

MYST: Following problems earlier in the year in attracting unemployed young entrepreneurs to take advantage of this facility providing incubation units at a converted school in Liverpool, Tim Young was pleased to advise that Lee Evans had reported the units should all be let by Christmas 2012.

Middle East and North Africa: Tim Young reported that Stephen Day continued to be very helpful in connecting young entrepreneurs internationally.

Singapore, Sydney:

  • Paul Holland has been appointed to a ministry in Singapore for three years;
  • Dominic Perret who works for Cathay Pacific, is moving from Nigeria to Sydney.
  • Jonathan Sinclair has returned to the UK from the British Embassy in Washington.

7. AOB

Fundacao Estudar: David McCausland reported that he had been trying to establish whether Fundacao Estudar had any scholars in the UK this year, with a view to arranging a social gathering. If they do not, then contact would be maintained with them to reassure them they are part of the Rank Fellowship team.

December meeting date: Tim Young noted that the originally proposed date of 5th December for the next meeting was impractical as it clashed with the Foundation Chairman’s farewell Board meeting. Following discussion it was agreed that the date would be changed to Thursday 6thDecember and Jason Chaffer again kindly offered to host the meeting at Manchester Square Partners’ offices. The format would be the same as last year, when former members of the Steering Committee would be invited along to drinks. Rosamond McNulty would send out an email notification of the date change at the earliest opportunity.

8. Dates of Future meetings:

Thursday 6th December 2012 at 6.30 p.m. at Manchester Square Partners’ offices

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