Minutes of the Steering Committee on 1 March 2011




Present:  Jason Chaffer - Chairman

Jan Carter, Lindsey Clay, Andrew Cowen, Lynn Garrad, Duncan Gibson, Max Kirby, David McCausland, James Williams, Jeremy Wilson, Tim Young

Apologies: Steve Cheal, Stephen Day, Tom Heasman, Kate Kynvin, Benet Northcote, Anish Patel, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Daniela Barone Soares, Simon Turner, Emma Watson-Mack,

1. Welcome

Jason Chaffer opened the meeting by noting that the 1st March was the second anniversary of the passing of Mr. Fred Packard. A moment of quiet reflection was observed in his honour.

The Chairman then formally congratulated Lindsey Clay on her appointment as Managing Director of Thinkbox.

2. Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 8th December 2010 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.

3. Communications Team

Website Plans, Facebook and Fellowship App: David McCausland reported on the progress of the website redesign. The next team meeting would be held on 21st March, following which ideas would be presented to designers, Moore Wilson. He reported that more consideration is being given to the planning stage this time, to ensure nothing is overlooked. When the initial designs are received, they will be circulated for comment. Lindsey Clay suggested a beta version of the website should be released for trialling; allowing people to investigate navigation, ease of use, etc. In addition, the website should be optimised for mobile access, particularly if a Fellowship App was to be developed. There was discussion as to how make the website more attractive to Fellows; seeking both the views of Fellows and a perspective from outside the Fellowship. Tim Young commented that the website provided a challenge in that it has to cover two separate user groups: providing an explanation of the work of the Fellowship, in addition to being used actively by the Fellows. This was difficult to reconcile. David McCausland undertook to provide the website statistics to Duncan Gibson. Jason Chaffer requested all suggestions and ideas should be fed through to Tim Young, who would pass them on as appropriate.

In relation to the Facebook group, David McCausland asked if it would be helpful if school Fellows were co-opted to assist Max Kirby, who agreed that more assistance would be beneficial and welcome.

The development of a Fellowship App had been investigated, although it had been agreed not to proceed at present due to the cost of approximately £1,000. If the price was reduced, then it was felt this would be an extremely useful communication tool. Max Kirby commented that Apps that work well have an explicit purpose and are not just repackaged versions of a website. The App would therefore need clear added value to be viable:- perhaps allowing the user to locate Fellows in different sectors, locations, etc.

Tim Young reported that the Fellowship LinkedIn group was relatively quiet currently. Lindsey Clay requested that the Mentoring Event be publicised on LinkedIn.

Fellowship Review: Tim Young reported that the 2011 Review would be available by the end of the week, and noted that the Rank YARN Network had adopted the Fellowship's example and were also producing a review, to be published in April.

4. Charities Team

London Charities Evening, 2nd November 2011:  James Williams confirmed that the Inner Temple has been booked for the Charities Evening on 2nd November. Jason Chaffer reminded the committee of the agreement reached at the previous meeting to increase the number of invitations. This year, invitations would be extended to the Heads of associated schools, Honorary Heads, school Fellows and parents, in addition to the Foundation's Trustees. Any suggestions regarding changes to the evening should be passed to Tim Young, although it was noted that at the previous event feedback from the participating charities indicated that nothing needed changing.

Following discussion, it was agreed that the programme should include a bullet point list of some of the ways Fellows and charities had benefitted from working together. However, it should also be made clear that that these were not open-ended activities and there was no requirement for a long-term involvement, which it was hoped would encourage more people to become involved.

London to Brighton Bike Ride: David McCausland noted that a group of ten cyclists would be entering this year's charity bike ride in June.

Workshops Programme for 2011:

Tim Young reported that there had been insufficient take up for the legal issues workshop, which had therefore been cancelled. Additionally, there had been no take up on a workshop in Exeter. Following discussion, it was agreed that the Fellowship would discuss the possibility of running a Fundraising Workshop ('Survival guide') with David Sanderson.

Individual Charity Initiatives: Jason Chaffer extended congratulations to Max Kirby for his amazing 450-mile Pyrenees bike ride, raising funds for the Peter Wake Trust.

Tim Young reported on a potential initiative that had arisen from the West Country Charities Evening. The Ray Harris Trust had expressed interest in linking up with the Wiltshire Young Carers charity with a view to providing them with an education and helping the carers become young leaders. They also hoped to put a network together. Max Kirby suggested that this might provide a mentoring opportunity: the young carers are aged 11+ and school Fellows could volunteer to act as someone the carers could call on to offer support and advice. It was agreed this could make a real difference and Tim Young offered to progress the idea at the relevant time.

5. Mentoring Team

Mentoring Evening, 21 March 2011: It was noted that 16 Fellows had accepted an invitation to attend the event. Tim Young reported that the deadline for acceptance was 10th March.

The sessions would involve a number of Fellows to provide advice, including Jason Chaffer, Lindsey Clay, Duncan Gibson, James Williams and others from the fields of education, medicine, not for profit and the services.

Duncan Gibson asked if it would be possible to narrow down the fields of 'Business' under consideration.

Leadership Day, 15th September 2011: Jason Chaffer reported that Paddington Arts had been re-booked for this year's Leadership Day, as the venue fits the requirements well, and suggested that David McCausland and Lindsey Clay might address the school Fellows. Tim Young requested any suggestions on content be passed to him.

Work experience assistance: Tim Young noted that Stephen Day and Lindsey Clay had been very helpful on work experience.

6. Regional Developments & Overseas Links

North West Group: Tim Young highlighted that social and charities events were being planned by the Group. Jason Chaffer added that he was keen one of them should attend London Committee meetings from time to time. Lindsay Clay suggested that London Steering Committee members could also visit the North West. Tim Young undertook to provide Lee Evans' contact details to James Williams and Jeremy Wilson.

Prior to the social event (currently planned for 1st July) and Charities Evening (in November), Lee Evans intends to survey both Fellows and charities to establish specific needs of the charities and skills/talents/contacts of Fellows, with a view to matching them up effectively at the November event.

The group has also registered the Fellowship on Twitter. Lindsey Clay suggested someone on the London Steering Committee should share the log-in and 'tweet' at the same time. Tim Young will discuss this with Lee Evans. Lindsey added that with LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter your status only needs to be updated once, and can then be replicated everywhere. It was agreed that David McCausland would head up this team.

West Country Group: Tim Young reported that it was proving more difficult to put together a group in the South West, although it is hoped to have this in place by the end of the year. Alexa Garner would be perfect to run it, but has many demands on her time. Therefore it is proposed to seek a retired Head, as in the North West, to organise and run the group.

Fundacao Estudar:  David McCausland noted that a lunch meeting had been arranged with the London alumni. There was nothing specific to report.

Tunisia: Tim Young commented that Stephen Day had been prominent in the public eye on matters relating to the current situation in the Middle East, and is in touch with many influential people there.

7. AOB

NYU Abu Dhabi: Tim Young had just returned from another visit to this very exciting project in Abu Dhabi, and reported that he had been asked to do outreach for the university in the UK by the Institute of International Education.

Gappers' Presentation, Holiday Inn Bloomsbury, 27th April 2011: Tim Young extended an invitation to all committee members to attend the Gappers' Presentation and lunch on 27th April if possible. He added that it was a great event, with some fascinating young people celebrating their successes.

The meeting broke up at 7.30 pm and supper was served in the Boardroom.

8. Dates of Future meetings:
 Wednesday 1st June
 Wednesday 7th September, and
 Tuesday 6th December 2011.

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