Minutes of the Steering Committee on 8 September 2010







Present:                      Jason Chaffer - Chairman


Jan Carter, Steve Cheal, Lindsey Clay, Stephen Day, Lynn Garrad, Max Kirby, David McCausland, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, David Sanderson, Emma Watson-Mack,  Tim Young


Apologies:                  Andrew Cowen, Noomane Fehri, Duncan Gibson, Tom Heasman,  Kate Kynvin, Benet Northcote, Anish Patel, Daniela Barone Soares, Simon Turner, James Williams, Jeremy Wilson


1.       Welcome


Jason Chaffer opened the meeting and welcomed David Sanderson and Steve Cheal from The Rank Foundation.


2.       Minutes


The Minutes of the meeting held on 1st June 2010 had previously been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.


3.         Communications Team


Report on team meeting of 5th August: David MCCausland reported on a very positive team meeting in August. Following discussion, it was agreed that Tom Heasman would be asked to undertake a further three day's work on the Fellowship database to update contact details.


Website/Facebook/Linkedin: Prior to the discussion concerning updating the website, Lindsey Clay referred to the Facebook group and emphasised the importance of refreshing the content, posting messages and notifications on a regular basis. Ideally, this should be integrated so that whenever the website is updated, a message is posted to the Facebook group.   


Max Kirby reported that Kate Kynvin continues to do a good job running the Fellowship Linkedin group from Washington. He also mentioned a group of university colleagues who have developed a social networking site, Group Space, which could be more attractive to Fellows than Facebook.


Jason Chaffer had met Steve Wilson, a Rank Fellow who set up his own web design company, which is now one of the foremost in the UK. Jason commented that he was sure Steve would be happy to assist with the redesign of the website. David MCCausland reported on a chance meeting with Clive Barker, MD of a mobile marketing company who might also be willing to help. Lindsey Clay spoke of the importance of optimising websites for mobiles, and David MCCausland undertook to send her a link to Clive Barker's company.


There was considerable discussion of the current Fellowship website. Both Tessa and Antonia Packard felt that the website needed to be 'modernised' to make it more attractive to a younger audience. David Sanderson suggested that the Fellowship could learn from the process the Rank Foundation had pursued in changing its website.


Suggestions were requested as to what changes should be made to the website, and the following points were noted:


  • It should present opportunities for interaction
  • The School Fellows could be consulted, seeking their recommendations for what the website should contain to make it more interesting to them
  • There should be as much video content as possible, costs permitting
  • While the website should retain some of its 'corporate' feel, it is a little dated and could be more visually stimulating and therefore more attractive to young people
  • The update should be aimed at targeting the under-35s.


Following discussion, it was agreed that the Fellowship's identity needed to be reinforced to galvanise Fellows to interact with each other via the website. As to the brand, Lindsey Clay reiterated the need to retain the corporate, worthwhile aims of the Fellowship, albeit communicated in a less formal manner.


It was agreed that the communications team would progress the ideas and come up with a brief, with discussions coordinated by David MCCausland. Jason Chaffer cautioned that the Fellowship has a small budget and cost would be a consideration.


Alumni meeting on 11th October: Tim Young reported that a meeting would be held at the Warwick Square offices on 11 October, with participants including the Ogden Trust, Pera Foundation, Radley Foundation, Arnold Foundation and Westminster Development Office. Bringing school organisations into the group should provide access to further expertise in maintaining contact with alumni. David MCCausland suggested that Young Enterprise (London)might also be interested in participating.


Fellowship Review Content: Tim Young tabled a draft list of contents for the 2011 Review: including a foreword by the Chairman of the Foundation, the Chairman of the Fellowship, a tribute to Mr. Fred Packard, an overview of the Foundation's charitable work in various fields from David Sanderson, reports on community action placements, profiles of current Leadership Award recipients and reports on Fellowship initiatives. David MCCausland reported that at the Communications Team meeting Max Kirby had made the excellent suggestion of producing a Fellowship Yearbook, which could also be posted on the website. Max had also suggested a charity walk at the end of Year 13 for School Fellows, something inclusive that everyone could feel they might attempt. It was agreed that Max Kirby would progress this idea.





4.         Charities Team


Charities Evening, Prior Park College, Bath, on Friday 12th November.

Tim Young reported that all the invitations had been sent out and ten charities have already accepted invitations to take a stand. The format will follow previous years with two short welcome addresses and a printed programme. While it will not be as well attended as last year's London event, it is hoped that the evening will be a success.


London to Brighton Bike Ride: David MCCausland reported on a very successful and enjoyable fundraising bike ride in which he and Emma Watson-Mack participated; with the money raised being donated to the British Heart Foundation.


Workshop Plans: Tim Young reported that the planned Leeds workshop had been deferred and the venue moved to Manchester. A website workshop will be held in Exeter in November. Lindsey Clay will be asked if she is willing to run another marketing workshop in London.


Individual Charity Initiatives: Max Kirby will shortly undertake a charity bike ride in the Pyrenees. The Committee wished him the very best of luck.


5.         Mentoring Team


Leadership Day:  Jason Chaffer commented on the importance of Leadership Day, now in its sixth year, being held on 9th September at Paddington Arts.  The schedule for the meeting was tabled, promising a very busy time. Jason Chaffer reported that care was taken when setting the agenda for the day to allow the School Fellows to spend time together and form a group, rather than just being 'talked at.' Twenty-seven students would be attending, from across the UK.


Mentoring Evening, March 2011:  The evening is held every two years, with all School Fellows expected to attend. Tim Young hoped that Lindsey Clay would agree to host the 2011 evening at Thinkbox again, as the last one had been extremely successful.


Work experience: Jason Chaffer asked if a way could be found to more determinedly highlight the opportunity of work experience offered by senior Fellows to help those under 30 years old. Tim Young felt that the system was much more successful when direct contact is made, rather than electronic. He had contacted all School Fellows graduating in the summer with a reminder that the Fellowship is there to help if needed.


Tessa Packard commented that it was now so hard to find a job, that this opportunity should really be emphasised to young Fellows. She felt very strongly that the Fellowship had an incredible network from which to offer the possibility of work experience and should be publicising this within the Fellowship. After consideration, the Committee agreed the time was now right to reiterate the potential opportunities. Tim Young suggested that anyone looking for work experience should be directed to him and he would see if he could help.





6.         Regional Development


North West: Tim Young reported that a steering group had been set up n the North West by an enthusiastic team of four Fellows. They plan to meet two or three times a year to organise workshops and gatherings.


Leeds and the South West: Jason Chaffer reported that these areas are being developed to prevent the Fellowship becoming too London-centric.



7.         Overseas Links


Fundacao Estudar:  David MCCausland reported on a very successful lunch with Fundacao during their visit to London in June, as a result of which contact had been established with a few more of their London alumni.


Jason Chaffer asked if Tessa or Antonia Packard would be willing to visit Fundacao's Sao Paulo offices during a forthcoming trip to Brazil. While Tessa reported that she was sadly unable to do so, Antonia Packard was happy to offer to meet the team.


Overseas Fellows: Jason Chaffer offered the Committee's thanks to Stephen Day for agreeing to attend the Leadership Day, accompanied by Ibrahim Natil. Stephen Day commented that he had very much enjoyed last year's event and had found the conversation over lunch to be most encouraging, with a number of the School Fellows stating a desire to go abroad. He explained how Ibrahim Natil had shown incredible persistence as a young man to obtain a visa and permission to leave Gaza and benefit from an education. He then returned and set up his own company, employing local people. Once that was successful he left Gaza again to further his education. It was a remarkable story, and one that should prove very interesting to the School Fellows.


News of other overseas Fellows: Kate Kynvin is settling in to her new role in Washington; Max Kirby is working in Sweden; Dominic Perret has been stationed in South Korea and Cameroon for Cathay Pacific; and Dan Hart is in Nigeria.


8.         AOB


London Social Gathering, 18th November: The London gathering will be held on 18th November. Tim Young commented that Fundacao Estudar London alumni would be attending en masse. Jason Chaffer said that he would be happy to help with the venue.


The Chairman closed the meeting by commenting that Committee members had quite a lot to do before the next meeting in December, and thanked everyone for their support, as always.


9.         Future meetings:


            Wednesday 8 December 2010

            Wednesday 2 March 2011

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