Minutes of the Steering Committee on 3 March 2010



  Jason Chaffer - Chairman

Jan Carter, Lindsey Clay, Paul Connolly, Andrew Cowen, Noomane Fehri, Duncan Gibson, Max Kirby,  Kate Kynvin, David McCausland, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Simon Turner, Emma Watson-Mack, Tim Young, Gill Zammett

 Steve Cheal, Stephen Day, Benet Northcote, Anish Patel, Daniela Barone Soares, James Williams, Jeremy Wilson

1. Welcome

Jason Chaffer opened the meeting and thanked members for attending.

2. Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 1 December 2009 had been circulated to all members.  Letters had been written to the two retired Heads, Dennis Silk and Giles Mercer, asking them if they would like to become Honorary Fellows of the Fellowship.  They have both responded and accepted with great pleasure.  Their letters were passed around for members to read.

3. Communications Team

David McCausland reported that he had finally sent the FAQ to Moore-Wilson and these should be available within the next few weeks.  He said that the open-ups/readership for the last newsletter in 2009 was 74%, a 20% increase. Bouncebacks had been reduced by almost half, down to about 7.4%.

Lindsey Clay spoke about the proposed entry on Wikipedia.  Reference to the Fellowship has been added to the entry on J Arthur Rank and there is now a link to the Rank Fellowship website.

Kate Kynvin reported that there are now 31 members of the Fellowship Linkedin group, as well as a possible Fundacao connection there.

Max Kirby reported that the Facebook Fellowship group now numbers 115; he receives some good responses to his messaging.  He will inform contacts about the forthcoming Mentoring Evening on 16 March and also the next Charities Evening in November.

Steve Cheal continues to explore ways to work closely with the Fellowship.  Social Entrepreneurship is an area of interest for YARN : both Duncan Gibson and Simon Turner felt that they had contacts who could be involved in a workshop on this topic.

Tim Young spoke about the January meeting which the Fellowship had organised with the Ogden Trust and the Buttle Trust.  The former has made 800 awards across a range of schools since 1999, while the latter has made up to 20,000 awards over the past forty years.   Both trusts are starting to make contact with former beneficiaries and are therefore interested in sharing good ideas with the Fellowship on such areas as ways of communicating, support for alumni, events, spreading the message of the alumni organisation and so on.   There would be further meetings in the future.   Meanwhile, there is contact with other similar trusts which work within one school, such as the Arnold Foundation of Rugby School and the Hugo Rutland Trust to fund Radleians whose parents have unexpected financial difficulties.  Jason Chaffer asked members of the SC to let Tim Young know if they came across other trusts of this kind.

It has been suggested in previous meetings that in order to update our contact information on the 400 active Rank Fellows, we might employ a young Fellow (on university holiday for instance) for two weeks each year to ring around, use Linkedin or other sites to check details etc.   Without this, we risk losing contact with those who provided their contact details when the Fellowship started in 2003.  Tim Young will discuss this possibility with Paul Connolly; he has a Fellow in mind who may be willing to undertake this task.

In reply to a question from Duncan Gibson regarding how schools are identified, Jason Chaffer and Tim Young explained that the Head of the school was the most important factor in determining which schools joined the list. The Head's ability to recognise outstanding leadership potential is key to the selection process. Duncan Gibson will forward details of a school which may be of interest.

4. Charities Team

The plan is to have the 2010 Charities Evening in the West of England, continuing the pattern of hosting the event outside London on alternate years.   James Williams has made good progress with Bristol venues.  Tim Young has received an offer from Prior Park College, Bath, for us to host the Charities Evening at the College.  James Williams and Tim Young will look around the College in April when a decision will be made and a firm date set (probably a Thursday evening in mid November).

Jason Chaffer opened the discussion on the workshop programme by asking for input on its effectiveness and the way forward. Lindsey Clay commented on overwhelmingly positive feedback from the PR/ marketing strategy/organising events workshop. However, it is a broad subject which could therefore only be covered superficially in the time allocated and perhaps the workshops should be more specialised - as evidenced by the enthusiastic reception of the website building workshop.  Andrew Cowen suggested an introductory module for those inexperienced in marketing and a more advanced module for those who have expertise.  This was felt to be an excellent idea.  Tim Young would continue to propose workshops across other topics, including fundraising and legal issues.

Tim Young announced that a Rank Fellowship 'team' was being gathered to take part in the London - Brighton bike ride: David McCausland and Kate Kynvin would be involved.

Tim Young reported on successful meetings with individual charities such as World Child Cancer and The Funding Network.

5. Mentoring Team

There was discussion of the forthcoming Career Development meeting on 16 March. There will be up to eighteen participants, split into three groups who will rotate through the three areas under discussion. Tessa and Antonia Packard agreed to brainstorm and devise approximately six questions in relation to the financial planning session.

The following points were noted:

  • 3 x 30 minute sessions, with a presentation followed by a question & answer session.
  • The groups would be divided along age lines to ensure each group is looking for the same sort of advice.
  • Delegates would be asked to submit questions in advance.

Committee members were requested to pass to Tim Young any thoughts on the event.

There is good progress on individual mentoring with links for the younger Fellows in law, accountancy, finance and medicine over the past six months.

The Leadership Day at Paddington Arts is booked for 9 September.  Tim Young would welcome suggestions for programme content in due course and the event will be discussed further at the next SC meeting in June.

6. Regional Development

Rank Fellow, Lee Evans, attended the London Charities Evening and following on from this he is doing great work in the Manchester and Liverpool areas.  He is establishing a Merseyside Youth Support Trust and arranging financial advice for charities.

7. Overseas Links

Fundacao Estudar - David McCausland said that Thais Junquera, the Administrator of Fundacao, is coming to London in June; he will be meeting her during her visit.

Noomane Fehri confirmed that two firm dates for ATUGE forums in Tunis and Paris have been arranged and there will be a meeting in London in October.  He will send dates to all members of the Committee.  (Noomane is no longer President and his successor is the Head of Rank Xerox in the Middle East, a nice connection with the Foundation's history.)

8. Farewell to Gill Zammett

Jason closed the meeting by offering sincere thanks to Gill Zammett and best wishes for her forthcoming retirement. He commented that Gill had been involved with the committee since its formation and had been a quiet, reassuring presence. On behalf of all the committee, Jason thanked Gill and said that she would be sorely missed.

In reply, Gill thanked the Committee for the beautiful gift and commented that, following an amazing eleven years with Rank, she would really miss working with everyone.

9. Future meetings:

 Tuesday 1 June 2010 (changed from the previous date)
 Wednesday 8 September 2010
 Wednesday 8 December 2010.

The meeting closed at 7.45 pm and supper was served in the Board Room.

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