Minutes of the Steering Committee on 1 June 2010



Present: Jason Chaffer - Chairman


Jan Carter, Lynn Garrad, David McCausland, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Anish Patel, Daniela Barone Soares, Simon Turner, James Williams, Jeremy Wilson, Tim Young


Apologies: Andrew Cowen, Steve Cheal, Lindsey Clay, Stephen Day, Noomane Fehri, Duncan Gibson, Max Kirby, Kate Kynvin, Benet Northcote, Emma Watson-Mack



1. Welcome

Jason Chaffer opened the meeting by formally welcoming Jan Carter as Administrator of the Rank Fellowship, following Gill Zammett's retirement. Tim Young welcomed Lynn Garrad, Company Administrator for the Foundation, who would be minuting the Committee meetings. Jason Chaffer extended thanks to Jan and Lynn for all their support.


2. Minutes

The Minutes of the meeting held on 3rd March 2010 had been circulated and it was agreed that they should be signed by the Chairman.


3. Communications Team

Website/Facebook/Linkedin: David McCausland reported that the website review had been completed and asked everyone to look at the revised website, and in particular the FAQs section to see if there are any omissions or further clarification is needed. Tim Young commented that the website receives between 10 and 20 hits a day.


The newsletter statistics were tabled, showing an encouraging increase in the number of email open-ups. However, the number of bounced emails had also increased, and a list of the e-addresses had been requested from Moore-Wilson for review. James Williams offered his congratulations on the newsletter, which he thought was excellent.


On behalf of Kate Kynvin, who is moving to Washington to work with a joint venture partner of the Crown Agents, it was reported that she has kindly offered to continue running the Fellowship Linkedin group from the USA.


Updating Contact Details: Jason Chaffer reported on the work of Rank Fellow Tom Heasman, who had undertaken three days' work on the database, looking to make contact with around 200 Fellows from whom we have not heard recently. Tom spoke with around thirty Fellows and updated contact details for another thirty-five. The response from the Fellows was very positive and the intention is to continue the effort later in the year, possibly in September. However, for a number of reasons, it has been decided not to target the people who were helped anonymously. Tim Young commented that it was a delicate balance not to pressure people excessively. James Williams confirmed that current Fellows are automatically added to the database.


Contact with other Foundations: Tim Young reported that the Radley Foundation (including the Hugo Rutland Memorial Fund) and Young Enterprise ( London) have both expressed interest in joining the Foundations Alumni meetings. In addition, Tim and Jan Carter had met with the Pera Foundation (young enterprise for NEETs), who are also interested in working with the Fellowship, as well as the British Council's Prime Minister's Global Fellowship.


2011 Review: Jason Chaffer requested feedback on new ideas for the next Fellowship Review, which is published every two years. He asked committee members to consider what they think should be included and what contributions would be meaningful to ensure the Fellowship addresses its demographic.


Jason suggested that Rank Foundation executives might be asked to contribute a piece on the work of the Foundation. James Williams felt that the Review was an excellent communication tool, and particularly liked the 'bite-sized' articles. He commented that it was important for the Review to contain articles from the regions as well as London. He suggested articles on the Leadership Day, as well as mentoring, so that younger members can see what is on offer.


4. Charities Team

Charities Evening 2010: The Charities Evening will be held at Prior Park College, Bath, on Friday 12th November.


James Williams reported that the Headmaster had offered the school as a venue, which is in a stunning setting overlooking Bath. About 10-11 charities will be invited. In addition, the school pupils have their own charities they support and they will set up stalls downstairs from the meeting.


London to Brighton Bike Ride: David McCausland reported that due to Kate Kynvin's relocation and people's commitments, he and Emma Watson-Mack would be the only Rank representatives on the London to Brighton bike ride. One place is still available, if anyone is interested in participating.


Workshop Plans: Tim Young highlighted the difficulty of finding a sufficient number of charities to invite outside of London, although a workshop is planned in Leeds in October on Social Entrepreneurship and one in Exeter on website support. Daniela Barone Soares offered to provide some charity contacts in the Leeds area.


Lindsey Clay will be reprising the marketing workshop. Other workshop ideas included:


  • Fundraising
  • Daniela Barone Soares suggested a workshop on bridging the gap - business management and focussing a strategy
  • Chairman workshop.


Jason Chaffer commented that the feedback from workshops is excellent and requested people submit any other ideas and suggestions.


Individual Charity Initiatives: Tim Young reported that Lee Evans has been very helpful to SE1 United. He also suggested that Jan Carter, via her other role as small grants administrator, could help in identifying individual charities.


5. Mentoring Team

Career Development Evening: Antonia and Tessa Packard reported on the Career Development evening in March, which both had thought excellent. They felt that participants came away feeling really inspired. They also thought that dividing the groups by age had been really useful to the delegates. Jason Chaffer commented that the ideal group size is 3-5.


Tim Young commented that Leadership pupils who are about to graduate will be sent an email and suggested a paragraph could be included about a Career Development Evening to ascertain their potential interest. Those leaving school could also be contacted.


Leadership Day: The Leadership Day will be held at Paddington Arts on 9 September.


Tim Young reported that TrueTube will be participating this year, asking people to contribute to making a video on leadership/networking.


As some delegates will have attended the previous year's conference, it is important to rotate the programme over two years to cover fresh topics. Suggestions for programme content included:


  • How to keep to a budget (prioritising a pot of money)
  • Speed networking
  • Stephen Day's very impressive contact who runs a charity in the Gaza strip
  • Negotiating a position
  • Possibly hand-writing analysis to help them better understand their own character.


6. Regional Development

Leeds Workshop: Will be held on 12 October 2010 at HSBC Private Bank.


London Gathering: It was thought to be very worthwhile to hold another London social gathering. Tim Young suggested pre-Christmas drinks.


7. Overseas Links

Fundacao Estudar: David McCausland was delighted to report on the forthcoming visit to London in June by Thais Junquera, Administrator of Fundacao. A lunch has been arranged, which will be attended by Tim Young, David McCausland and Daniela Barone Soares.


NYU Abu Dhabi: Tim Young reported on his recent visit to Abu Dhabi, hosted by the Institute for International Education, where New York University plans to offer a world class American university education, at no cost to the student. 8,000 applications were received for the first year and 130 students from 35 countries have been accepted. He commented that this provided a tremendous opportunity for one or two of our leadership students to really benefit. Tim would be meeting the IIE in London shortly and had put them in touch with Fundacao Estudar.


8. AOB

Kate Kynvin: As reported earlier, Kate Kynvin is moving to Washington, although she will remain on the team for the time being and continue her Linkedin role. On behalf of the Committee, Jason Chaffer thanked her for her contribution to the Fellowship's work.


Honorary Fellows: Two retiring heads: Chris Hirst (Sedbergh) and Janet Pickering (Withington) would be invited to become Honorary Fellows.


David McCausland, on behalf of the committee, extended thanks to Jason Chaffer for his great work for the committee. He felt that Jason's appointment to the main Board of the Rank Foundation should be acknowledged and was a fitting testament to his contribution to the Fellowship's success and his ability to engender incredible teamwork.




9. Future meetings:

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Wednesday 2 March 2011

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