Minutes of the Steering Committee on 8 September 2009




Present: Jason Chaffer - Chairman


Steve Cheal, Lindsey Clay, Paul Connolly, Stephen Day, Duncan Gibson, David McCausland, Simon Turner, Jeremy Wilson, Tim Young, Gill Zammett


Apologies: Daniela Barone Soares, June Casey, Andrew Cowen, Noomane Fehri, Max Kirby, Kate Kynvin, Benet Northcote, Anish Patel, Emma Watson-Mack, James Williams


1. Welcome

Jason Chaffer opened the meeting and thanked members for attending. He noted that various members of the committee were unable to attend due to work commitments, holidays and illness.


2. Minutes

The Minutes of the 2 June 2009 meeting had been circulated to all members; Jason Chaffer signed these as correct. He said that the dinner at Prior Park had been cancelled owing to an outbreak of swine flu (fifty people were due to attend).


3. Communications Team

David McCausland thanked Tim Young for the website updates. David was delighted to welcome Lindsey Clay to the Communications team, (Alastair Rolfe and Clive Baker have stepped down from the Steering Committee). There had been a very enjoyable and productive recent meeting of the Communications team.


Lindsey spoke about the communications strategy of the Steering Committee. She now felt that the overall objective was much clearer: to make those Fellows under 30 aware of the Fellowship, its activities and what it might be able to do for them, while encouraging those over 30 to think about giving something back in the shape of mentorship, charitable involvement and so on. Duncan Gibson agreed with this, adding that one could also identify an additional sub-group of the under 30s, namely those Fellows at school and university who were currently receiving financial support from the Foundation.


In order to fulfil this objective, Lindsey went on to discuss the various tools of communication:

  • the website was fine for its purpose: very clear and updated very regularly.
  • the quarterly newsletter is also very good and could be highlighted on the website's home page. Max Kirby will produce a Facebook version of the newsletter and Tim Young will investigate the possibility of read receipts for it.
  • It would be a good idea to make contact with all Fellows on the Active database once a year to check addresses, have a chat etc. This could be a task for a young Fellow, working on an internship basis.
  • A Wikipedia entry would be good: Tim Young had begun to draft this and he would check that the Foundation's Trustees were happy with such an entry.
  • Twitter and blogs were felt to be unnecessary at this time, but Linkedin would be a sensible step.
  • Some sort of Yearbook style entry for School Fellows as they leave would be helpful: Lindsey Clay and Tim Young had been discussing a possible questionnaire.
  • Max Kirby and Kate Kynvin would continue their efforts with the younger Fellows.


Lindsey and David were thanked for their excellent work.


Steve Cheal has enjoyed visiting school Fellows at their placements. He also spoke about the progress of yarn and its parallel development with the Fellowship. The working group meets four times a year and they are reducing the size of this group to about 12-15 members: Tim Young attended the last meeting and Fellowship guests are welcome, as they will be at the yarn conference in Blackpool on 25 September with 150 people attending. Yarn and the Fellowship are organising a joint afternoon workshop in Leeds in January 2010.


4. Charities Team

The 2009 Workshops programme is taking shape, following the successful website workshop for small charities in Manchester in May.

A Legal Issues Workshop is planned for Manchester on 20 October.

Lindsey Clay will host a Marketing Workshop in London on 11 November.

A joint workshop is planned with YARN for January 2010 at the HSBC private bank in Leeds. Website workshops have been offered from schools in London, Exeter and Worcester.


Fifteen charities are signed up for the London Charities Evening at the Inner Temple on 4 November. Gill Zammett has sent out invitations to Rank Fellows, Rank Trustees, Directors and Administrative staff. Invitations will also be sent to school Heads and other guests. There will be a printed programme, similar to last year's. Lessons learned from the Manchester Charities Evening are: hold the entire event in one large space (not two smaller ones), invite Rank school heads and other trust representatives, and have a speaker from the Rank network to respond to Jason (possibly Jacqui Henry of JUMP).


Jason Chaffer and Tim Young had a useful meeting with Peter Stanford and Magdalen Evans of the Longford Trust, who provide between eight and twelve scholarships per year for prisoners and ex-prisoners to complete their education. (Educational support very often disappears after prison and so mentoring by Fellows would be invaluable.) It was agreed that interested Fellows would need a careful introduction to the scheme: a meeting has been suggested for 5.30 on 2 December, just before the annual Longford Lecture at which Longford Scholars and their mentors could meet Fellows.


5. Mentoring Team

Planning for the Leadership Day on 10 September is complete and the programme was outlined. Andrew Cowen will speak to the School Fellows about the Rank family and leadership. Other guests include Jeremy Wilson, Leanne McGing (to talk about her time at Bolton Lads & Girls Club with the Rank Foundation's GAP Scheme), and Adam Grodecki of Student Hubs in Oxford.


6. Regional Development

Progress continues in the North West, with the next workshop on 20 October, and now in Yorkshire, with the Leeds workshop planned. Despite the cancellation of the Prior Park dinner, Tim Young remains confident that the November 2010 Charities Evening can be held in Bristol, to set the South West area of the Fellowship going. He is looking to have a preliminary planning meeting before long.

7. Overseas Links

David McCausland reported that there were no scholars coming to London this year from Fundacao Estudar, although there are still three active FE Fellows based in London.


Tim Young reported continuing contact with the Institute of International Education: he had been their guest at the GE Scholarship Awards in July.


8. Any Other Business

Tim Young reported on a very successful meeting with Tim Simmons, Chief Executive of the Ogden Trust. Sir Peter Ogden had echoed the initiative of J Arthur Rank, putting the proceeds of his commercial success (with ComputaCentre) into a charitable trust: the beneficiaries of the Ogden Trust are chosen for promise in maths and physics. Over ten years, there have been around 450 Ogden Scholars at a cost of £15m. The Trust has similar challenges to the Fellowship: adding value to the financial awards and running a network of alumni whose only link is being a beneficiary. They appreciate the comparative maturity of our alumni network and the additional experiences of our School Fellows (community placements, Leadership Day and mentoring evening). The Ogden Trust's recently-published Review is very impressive.


Tim Young and Tim Simmons have discussed possible ways of collaboration:

  • Sharing the names of Heads with whom we can work well
  • Inviting Ogden Scholars to some Fellowship events
  • Sharing best practice in ways of keeping in touch with former beneficiaries
  • Hosting annual meetings for administrators/CEOs of similar organisations
  • Keeping in contact (Tim and his alumni team will attend the November Charities Evening)


Tim Young had also had an excellent meeting with Tessa Packard, Fred's elder daughter. Tessa was keen to be involved with the Fellowship and the Foundation: she would be attending the Steering Committee meeting on 1 December as well as the Charities Evening.


Simon Turner raised the question of how those who had become involved in the Fellowship's work could retain their link with the Fellowship. There were a number of Honorary Fellows already (FE alumni, Stephen Day) and it was agreed that creating more Honorary Fellows would be a good way forward.


A brief discussion established that the first Wednesday of each month would suit members of the Steering Committee better than the first Tuesday and so this would be the pattern for 2010. It tends to be the second Wednesday in September to avoid summer holidays. There is a Foundation Board meeting on 1 December and so it will need to be 8 December.

9. Date of future meetings:

Tuesday 1 December 2009

Wednesday 3 March 2010

Wednesday 2 June 2010

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Wednesday 8 December 2010

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