Minutes of the Steering Committee on 1 December 2009






Present:            Jason Chaffer - Chairman


Jan Carter, June Casey, Stephen Day, Noomane Fehri, Duncan Gibson, Max Kirby, David McCausland, Antonia Packard, Tessa Packard, Anish Patel, Simon Turner, James Williams, Tim Young, Gill Zammett


Apologies:        Steve Cheal, Lindsey Clay, Paul Connolly, Andrew Cowen, Kate Kynvin, Benet Northcote, Anish Patel, Daniela Barone Soares, Emma Watson-Mack, Jeremy Wilson


1.           Welcome


Jason Chaffer opened the meeting and thanked members for attending.  He warmly welcomed Tessa and Antonia Packard to the meeting, and also Jan Carter who will be helping Tim Young when Gill Zammett retires next year.


The Business Plan for 2009 was circulated to members during the meeting so that progress towards the various objectives could be assessed.


2.           Minutes


The Minutes of the meeting of the 8th September had been circulated to all members. It was now agreed to write a letter to Dennis Silk and Giles Mercer asking them if they would like to become Honorary Fellows of the Rank Fellowship.  Tim Young will write to both.


3.           Communication Team


David McCausland reported on the recent work of the Communications team.  This included using statistics provided by Moore Wilson to reduce the number of bounced emails, devising some FAQs for the website and moving forward with the Wikipedia entry.


A wide-ranging discussion followed which included the following points: the need constantly to clarify the Fellowship message for those Fellows who had not attended a Leadership Day, the recognition of the different ages (or tiers) of Fellowship, the possibilities for those young Fellows who want charitable involvement, the need to encourage Fellows to ask for mentoring support, the value of face to face contact, and the excellent development of the various levers of communication open to the Fellowship.

Tim Young reported on the considerable success of yarn (the network of youth leaders supported by the Foundation).  Its network days were designed to replicate Fellowship workshops and the plan was to produce a similar Review to the Fellowship publication.


There are continuing discussions with other trusts who were setting up alumni programmes: a meeting would be held in January with the Ogden Trust and the Frank Buttle Trust.  Items would include databases, suitable events and methods of communication.  Jason Chaffer and Tim Young had also met with the Arnold Foundation Chairman earlier in the day: he was keen to be kept informed.


There was a short discussion about the involvement of parents.  (Some parents accompanied young Rank Fellows to the Charities Evening and parents often accompany school Fellows to the preliminary visit to the charity placements).  There may be an opportunity when Tim Young visits the pupils at their schools for him to see their parents as well.  He would discuss this with the Youth & Education Committee.


It is hoped that a young Fellow may be recruited to make telephone contact with the Fellows on the data base (around 450 in total).  This action has been discussed previously and is something which would maintain contact with those Fellows who are not regular attenders of events (and enable an updated database).


4.           Charities Team


James Williams reported that the London Charities Evening at the Inner Temple on the 4th November had been hugely successful, with record numbers of charities and Fellows attending.  The presence of potential benefactor guests and heads had again added to the evening's success.  The Ogden Trust has made a grant to one of the charities which in effect balanced out the cost of the evening (which was, in itself, cheaper than the RSA event).  Future Charities Evenings might include particular charitable initiatives for younger Fellows (as Student Hubs had at the Inner Temple).


Tim Young circulated a report on two highly successful recent London workshops on websites and marketing.  Thanks were expressed to Lindsey Clay and Emma Watson-Mack.


Plans for future workshops were discussed: Liverpool (accountancy, arranged by Lee Evans), Leeds (not yet finalised), possibilities for London next year (strategy? fundraising?), Exeter and Worcester (schools offering website workshops).


5.           Mentoring Team


              The Leadership Day in September was felt to be very successful with the Rank scholars enjoying a busy day at Paddington Arts.  Rank Fellow Jeremy Wilson spoke of his career in banking and several pupils have since contacted Jeremy for mentoring.


Jason Chaffer raised the proposal for a mentoring event/leadership day for career options for the over 30 age group; this could be held at Jason's offices in Mayfair.  This workshop could include such topics as: work/life balance, successful lift-off in a particular career, entrepreneurship, personal finance management and managing career change.  There was considerable enthusiasm for this, both within the meeting and from Fellows' responses.  Jason Chaffer and Tim Young would establish a date, time and programme (in March).


6.           Regional Development:


James Williams said that that the 2010 Charities Evening would be held in Bristol and he had already looked at one or two sites.  The Arnolfini Arts Centre is one that may be suitable. He will be in Bristol again and report back at the next meeting as to its suitability.


7.           Overseas Links


David McCausland said that there are four London based member of Fundacao Estudar. 


The Fellowship has close links with ATUGE and Noomane Fehri spoke of the recent Forum held in London.  David McCausland attended the event.  The Fellowship's links with our Tunisian associates and the London Maghreb Society add extra dimensions to the Fellowship's activities.


It was agreed that there should be a dinner which brings together key figures in the Fellowship and the London Maghreb Society with London-based members of Fundação Estudar and ATUGE.  Tim Young would develop this proposal for a suitable time in 2010.


8.           Any other business


The Fellowship's green agenda would be discussed at a meeting with Benet Northcote, Hugh Knowles and Jemma Roberts later in the week.


Jason Chaffer raised the possibility of the Fellowship following the example of Fundacao Estudar by embarking on the funding of MBAs at some point: this would be revisited at the next meeting.


Jason Chaffer finished the meeting by thanking June Casey most warmly for all that she had done for the Fellowship, significantly for her huge contribution in helping with legal and constitutional issues when the Fellowship was initially formed.  June Casey responded by expressing her pleasure at the great progress made by the Fellowship.


9.           Dates of future meetings

              Wednesday 3  March 2010

              Wednesday 2 June 2010

              Wednesday 8 September 2010

              Wednesday 8 December 2010

The meeting closed at 7.45 pm and supper was served in the Board Room.

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