Minutes of the Steering Committee Meeting on 2 December 2008








Present:                      Jason Chaffer - Chairman


Daniela Barone Soares, ,Andrew Cowen, Stephen Day, Alastair Rolfe, David McCausland, Fred Packard, Simon Turner, Emma Watson-Mack, James Williams, Jeremy Wilson, Tim Young, Gill Zammett


Guests:                        Steven Cheal, Paul Connolly, Jon Jolly, Eduardo Roma


Apologies:                  Simon Barker, Lindsey Clay, Noomane Fehri, Duncan Gibson, Max Kirby, Benet Northcote


1.       Welcome


Jason Chaffer opened the meeting and extended a warm welcome to Steve Cheal and Jon Jolly of YARN, as well as to Paul Connolly and Eduardo Roma. 


Benet Northcote was congratulated on his new position as Deputy Private Secretary to The Prince of Wales (environmental issues).


A short film, produced by the Leadership Day pupils with expert assistance from Bryony of the True Tube site, was shown to the SC members.  The topic was "Can one person make a difference".


2.         Minutes


The Minutes of the previous meeting held on Tuesday 9 September had been circulated to all members and these were signed as correct.


3.         Strategic Review and Business Plan


Discussion took place as to which of the three possible aims of the Fellowship (seen in Document 1) should be displayed on the website.  "Nurturing leaders for the benefit of society" had a good response and this will appear on the site for a month to test the response of the Steering Committee.  The Aims and Objectives will replace the current text on the "About Us" section.


Team membership was resolved as follows:


            Communications - David McCausland, Benet Northcote, Alastair Rolfe, Max Kirby

            Charity - Lindsey Clay, Simon Barker, James Williams and Daniela Barone Soares

            Mentoring - Emma Watson Mack, Jason Chaffer, Jeremy Wilson, Simon Turner and Stephen Day



Two documents had been circulated - Rank Fellowship Activity in 2007 and the draft for 2008.  Fred Packard said it was a very impressive list of achievements for both years.


Tim Young requested communication within the teams to discuss possible areas of activity for 2009 so that he can circulate a Business Plan after Christmas.  Stephen Day and Simon Turner had been discussing whether the topic "The Role of a Diplomat" could be incorporated into the next Fellowship Workshop.  This could be on the same day as the Mentoring Event.


Strategy for Younger Fellows: Max Kirkby continues to build his group and he has outlined a way forward in an article for the next Review. 


4.         Communications Team


Tim Young said that the second Fellowship Review would be published and despatched at the end of February 2009 and therefore copy should be with him at the beginning of January.  Alastair Rolfe kindly offered to co-ordinate the Review again.  Tim Young has already received copy from Larry Parsons, Stephen Day, Lindsey Clay, Max Kirby and David McCausland.  James Williams would be happy to write an article on the Manchester Charities Evening.  It was suggested that articles on the Community Action Placement and the Facebook group could be included in the Review.


Kate Kynvin has offered to produce a questionnaire and this could go out at the same time as the Review.


David McCausland, Daniela Barone Soares, Eduardo Roma and those members of Fundacao Estudar studying in London at the present time met recently in Fleet Street and this proved to be an excellent social occasion.  They were joined by Louise Edmunton and Tim Young.  Barbara Farhat and Stephen Day have had subsequent communication about foreign service.


Newsletters continue to be sent out quarterly and the Fellowship website is updated regularly. The addition of photographs makes it a very interesting site.


The Chairman introduced Steve Cheal who is the new Assistant Director of Youth Projects for the Foundation and Jon Jolly who is Chairman of the YARN Steering Committee.  Jon outlined his own background and expressed the hope that the two committees would work closely together in the future. 


5.         Charities Team


James Williams spoke of the huge success of the Manchester Charities Evening.  Around 24 Rank Fellows and 14 charities (along with another 20 guests) attended the event at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry - an excellent location, the first major event outside London.  James thanked his team of Manchester based Fellows for their help in co-ordinating the event.  Six school Heads attended and they were able to help the charities by personal involvement through their own school networks.  Ways to continue this momentum in the North West were discussed.   The inclusion of selected retired Heads as Honorary Fellows was agreed, as a way of adding to the network for charities, of filling the age gap of over 45 year olds in the Fellowship and of providing another means of attraction for Fellows from their former schools.


The Effective Fundraising Workshop held during the afternoon prior to the SC meeting was another extremely useful and helpful workshop, as confirmed by the brief discussions Steve Cheal had had with three participants.  Thanks were extended to Daniela, Fred and James for their excellent presentations which were greatly appreciated by the twelve charities attending.  There was discussion on topics for future workshops (trusteeship and websites, for example) and on the further development of a collaborative feel to them, thus drawing on the combined expertise of charities and Fellows.


The Longford Trust 's request for mentors has led to communication between a (Fellow) Deputy Head in Essex and an ex-prisoner trainee teacher in the North East.


The location for the 2009 Charities Evening was discussed.  The merits of the RSA were agreed, while there were proposals to consider other venues which might be able to accommodate all the attending charities in the same space.


6.         Mentoring Team


The venue for the 2009 Mentoring Evening was discussed.  It was felt that the office of Thinkbox might be a possibility (in discussion with Lindsey Clay).  An evening between 10 and 25 March might suit School Fellows: Tim Young will e-mail school Fellows to check which dates and which days of the week would be most convenient.  Simon Turner is keen to be involved with the event.   Stephen Day's suggestion for foreign service advice was felt to be helpful and it would tie in with a focus on the particular career choices of those Fellows planning to attend.


The Leadership Day in September 2009 should again be held at Paddington Arts, with TrueTube every other year.


7.         Regional Developments


There will be a west of England Fellowship gathering on 26 June at Prior Park College.  The Headmaster, Giles Mercer, will be retiring the following week at the end of the summer term, and it will therefore be an excellent opportunity to say farewell to Dr. Mercer.  James Williams is in the area during December and will do some canvassing of local Rank Fellows.


It is possible that a Charities Evening in the Bristol area in 2010 could be arranged if enough local projects can be identified.   This would replicate the pattern adopted in the North West.



8.         Overseas Links


Daniela Barone Soares and Eduardo Roma paid tribute to David McCausland for his admirable organisation of the Fundacao social evening.  David McCausland looked forward to the visit of the Fundacao administrator and to the AGM in 2009.


Stephen Day raised the possibility of university Fellows attending a summer camp run by the Tunisian Education Department.   Stephen Day and Tim Young have visited the London Oratory School to speak to the Model United Nations team about to visit Qatar.  It was suggested that the Tunisian summer camp and the attractions of American universities in Qatar could be communicated through Facebook.


There was discussion of a recent approach to the Fellowship from Atlantic College (one of the United World Colleges).


Tim Young would explore the possibility of a twinning arrangement between a school in the Leadership Scheme and either Qatar Academy or another Qatari school.


9.         Any Other Business


A member of the Missing Army had contacted the Foundation's office the previous day.  She was a former pupil of Bradford Grammar School who has established the largest female driving school in the UK ( Kan Kan).  Tim Young is following this up with a view to arranging a meeting.




10.       Dates of future meetings:


            Tuesday 3 March 2009

            Tuesday 2 June 2009

            Tuesday 8 September 2009

            Tuesday 1 December 2009

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