Minutes of Steering Committee Meeting 4 March 2008








Present:                     Jason Chaffer - Chairman


Clive Baker, Simon Barker, Lindsey Clay, Andrew Cowen,  Noomane Fehri, Max Kirby, Kate Kynvin, David McCausland, Fred Packard, Emma Watson-Mack, Tim Young, Gill Zammett


Guests:                      June Casey and Paul Connolly


Apologies:                 Duncan Gibson, Daniela Barone Soares, Benet Northcote, Alastair Rolfe



1.     The Chairman opened the meeting and welcomed June Casey, Company Secretary, and Paul Connolly, Financial Director, both of The Rank Foundation.  The Chairman also thanked the Foundation for allowing the committee to use Warwick Square for the meeting.   Warm thanks were also extended to Carole Lewis and Jan Carter for providing supper after the meeting, and to Fred Packard for providing some excellent wine.


2.     The Minutes of the previous meeting held on the 4th December 2007 had been circulated to all members. The Chairman signed them as correct.


3.     Fellowship Dinner - 18th March at Clarke's Restaurant, Kensington.


There will be forty-six Fellows present at the dinner, an encouraging response to personal invitations. Tim Young and Jason Chaffer will produce a seating plan, around tables of eight, and Gill Zammett will produce name badges.  Fred Packard asked the question - what is the goal for the evening and how do people see the role of the Fellowship?  The main aim is to amplify the understanding among attending Fellows, to prepare for future membership of the Steering Committee. to thank people for their time and enthusiasm and to send away all those attending with the wish to become more actively involved in the Fellowship.  Fred Packard, Jason Chaffer and Tim Young will liaise with regard to speeches on the evening.   


During the course of the discussion, Tim Young reported that there are over twenty applications by Heads for this year's School Leadership Award, including four from state schools.   He also confirmed that those who receive the Award in independent schools have a genuine financial need.


4.       Charities Team


A follow up from the Charities Evening in November produced interest from seven charities in a PR/Marketing Workshop; this could be held at Warwick Square, although Clive Baker, Lindsey Clay and Alastair Rolfe will give some thought to the right location.  Timing suggested was 4 pm - 7 pm. Tim Young will try to establish a date that is convenient for all participants,   The team running the event will then liaise directly with the charities to find out exactly what they want.


Max Kirby said that there were now 58 Fellows registered in the Rank Facebook Group. The Community Day of Action is planned for possibly a Saturday in April at the Good Shepherd Mission in Bethnal Green.  Eight people are interested in helping at the present time.  News of this event will be given at the dinner on the 18th March


The Manchester Charities Evening is planned for the 20th November 2008 and will be held at the Museum of Science - a very exciting venue, close to hotels and restaurants, with free parking.  James Williams is co-ordinating the evening and plans are well in hand.  Noomane Fehri hoped that the LMS would be able to have a stand.  The Museum will be able to show its working exhibits alongside the Charities Evening, which should provide an added attraction to attend.  James Williams will operate a telephoning system to attract people and some Heads of schools in the area will be invited, as will school Fellows.



5.       Communications Team


David McCausland thanked Stephen Wilson and staff at Moore-Wilson for the up-date to the Fellowship website. Committee members thought it was excellent and Tim Young asked members to send him very short biographies which can be put on the site, together with photographs of each member of the SC.


The Review would be produced again in March 2009 and should be discussed at the meeting in September 2008.



6.       Mentoring Team


The Leadership Day is planned for Thursday 11th September 2008 at Paddington Arts.  Suggestions for speakers for the event would be welcome.


Lengthy discussion took place about the Goldman Sachs Global Leadership Programme which has similar values to the Rank Foundation Leadership Award.    The Leadership Award involves sixth formers at school, while Goldman Sachs receives nominations from one hundred universities in nineteen countries.  Tim Young provided a reference for a Rank Fellow who has been nominated for the Global Leadership Award by Cambridge University.   The GS programme includes a financial award, community activity and attendance at seminars on leadership.  Jason Chaffer and Tim Young are planning to meet with members of the Goldman Sachs team in London.


7.       Regional developments


Tim Young continues to plan for a West Country gathering, possibly involving Prior Park alumni as a nucleus in this.   Finding West Country-based Fellows with the interest and commitment will take time and summer 2009 seems a reasonable date to aim for.


8.       Overseas Links


Fundacao Estudar is in the middle of their application process with around 4000 applications so far.   David McCausland was delighted with the favourable publicity for the Fellowship in the recent FE newsletter.


Noomane Fehri reported that the LMS is looking to expand its charitable activities in the Maghreb, particularly with the education of girls.   Fred Packard reiterated his offer of personal financial help.


Fred Packard and Tim Young visited Qatar recently and found it to be a fascinating country, representing the very best of the Arabic way of life.   Qatar is now the wealthiest country in the world and using its wealth in many interesting ways.   A number of excellent meetings were held, including dinner with the Vice Chairman of the Qatar Foundation.


The proposal that Steven Day should become an honorary member of the Rank Fellowship was warmly approved. 


Initiatives to be followed up include participation for Leadership Award schools in the Model UN programme at Georgetown University ( Qatar), the possibility of a Rank Fellow spending a semester at an American university in Education City and contact with the Qatar Embassy's Education Attache to establish links with some of the 800 Qataris studying in the UK.



9.       Social Gathering for Steering Committee


This is planned to be held at the Chairman's home, possibly during May. Families could be involved; Jason Chaffer will follow this up and further details will be circulated to members in due course


10.     The next meeting is on Tuesday 20th May 2008.   The venue will be confirmed nearer the time.


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