Marketing Workshop May 2008


Rank Fellowship Marketing Workshop for Charities


The first Fellowship Charities Workshop, on marketing, took place at Thinkbox TV on Thursday 15 May.   It was organised and run by three Fellows, Lindsey Clay (Thinkbox TV), Clive Baker (Nokia) and Alastair Rolfe (Spencer Stuart).   Representatives from six charities associated with the Foundation attended: St.Mary's Centre, Essex Association of Boys' Clubs, Feathers' Association, Cambridge House, Time and Talents and the Jubilee Sailing Trust.

clive at workshop

The workshop ran from 4 to 7 pm.    Sessions covered the need to establish an organisation as a recognisable brand, the importance of influencing and negotiation, and the use of publications and a website.  The value of the workshop was enhanced by "break-out" discussion sessions, the sharing of marketing issues common to all the charities, and the excellent facilities and refreshments provided by Thinkbox TV.

lc at mw

The evaluation forms filled in by the nine attendees were overwhelmingly positive.  Four scored the event as 8/10, two as 9/10 and three as 10/10.   When asked about attending another workshop, six wrote "Yes", one "Yes!" one "Very Much So" and one "Definitely".   The representatives were asked how the workshop might be improved next time.   Answers included "More time and more depth if possible", "Perhaps savoury nibbles rather than sweet! But otherwise excellent" and "It was fantastic - just more please!"


Under "Is There Anything Else You Would Like To Tell Us" on the evaluation sheets, the following comments appeared:

"I thought the professional context was very good for setting the tone."

"Really appreciate having access to people with such different professional expertise."

"Just that I really enjoyed it.  Many thanks."

mingling at mw

The Fellowship Steering Committee felt that this is a very effective format for using the professional expertise in the Fellowship for the benefit of charities.   A target of four workshops in a year is felt to be a challenging target, but a useful one to strive towards.   The charities had some ideas for areas on which future workshops might focus: these included legal issues, corporate sponsorship, IT development, funding, monitoring and evaluation, publications and charity law.

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