Synopsis of Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 6th March 2007

Present: - Jason Chaffer - Chairman

Simon Barker
David McCausland
Alastair Rolfe
Andrew Cowen
Benet Northcote
Stuart Smith
Suzy Lambert
Fred Packard
Emma Watson Mack.

In Attendance:- Tim Young and Gill Zammett

Apologies:- Clive Baker had been held up by unexpected work commitments. There were also apologies from Geoff Earnshaw and Duncan Gibson

1. The Chairman welcomed Benet Northcote to his first Steering Committee meeting and looked forward to Benet's contribution to the Rank Fellowship in the future. The Chairman gave apologies from Geoff Earnshaw who was unable to attend due to work commitments and who has signalled that his commitments will prevent him from joining the Steering Committee for the time being.

2. The Minutes of the meeting held on 12th December 2006 had been circulated to all members and the Chairman signed them as correct. The date of the School Leadership Day has now been confirmed for 13 September 2007.

3. Communications Team Report

The Chairman thanked everyone who had contributed to the Review and especially to Alastair Rolfe who had co-ordinated the Review - a wonderful effort and very much appreciated. Tribute was also paid to Keith Fryer's outstanding contribution. The Review has been sent to every Fellow on the database, and thanks were extended to Mrs Lewis at Warwick Square for this mailing; it is also being sent to all Rank Trustees, Directors and Administrative staff. It is envisaged that a Review will be produced every two years, but this timescale is flexible. It was felt that Fellows would have future Review content and illustrations in mind when Fellowship events happened.

The Quarterly Newsletter which is e-mailed to all Fellows and produced by the Communications Team is an excellent medium for keeping our Fellows in touch with the events of the Fellowship. David McCausland has the next issue in production and this will be sent out shortly.

Thanks were extended to Tim Young for his on-going work on the website. He is updating the Home Page two or three times weekly with photographs etc.

4. Mentoring Team:

Emma Watson Mack reported on the present position with regard to the forthcoming Mentoring Evening on the 22nd March. It is anticipated that the evening will attract about 20 Fellows plus six guests. This was felt to be a diminution of numbers on previous years. 300 Fellows had been contacted by email, with reminders sent to all Fellows currently at university. Emma thought another e-mail reminder should be sent, which Gill Zammett will organise with Moore-Wilson. Some choices are still due in from those attending. Entrepreneurship, a new option, is proving very popular.

5. Charity Team:

There will be another Charity Evening at the Royal Society of Arts on Wednesday 7th November 2007. The venue has already been booked. Peter Attenborough's follow-up email to participating charities will, in turn, be followed up by Tim Young as part of the preparation for the 2007 event.

The Charity Skills Marketplace A short discussion took place about this item. It was agreed that Tim Young will discuss with Moore Wilson the construction of a notice board for charities in the first instance. The CSM will feature a number of Rank charities with their specific requests.

6. Regional Events:

Tim Young had circulated an analysis of postcode areas which members found interesting.

There will be two regional events in the near future. One is being hosted by Bolton School on the 22nd June and another at Sedbergh School on the 29th June - this will include a "farewell" to Peter Attenborough as he was Head Master of the school many years ago. Invitations to these events will be sent to all Fellows in the appropriate post code areas, and to include the partners of Fellows, plus some dynamic representatives of Rank Charities as suggested by Charlie Harris and Chris Dunning.

The aim is to use these events to build support for a substantial Northern event in 2008, possibly along the lines of the RSA Charities Evening.

Study of the postcode distribution suggested that the next region to benefit from a gathering would be the South West, drawing on Fellows with Bath, Gloucester and Bristol postcodes.

7. Fundacao Estudar Link:

David McCausland told the meeting that invitations to the Mentoring Evening had been sent to all our FE contacts that one had already replied and would be attending as a guest. Mr Packard also expressed his wish that every opportunity should be taken to strengthen the links between the Fellowship and FE. FE's progress with an emailed newsletter and redeveloped website has underlined how the link between the Fellowship and an international partner can be mutually beneficial.

It was decided to send a copy of the Review to all members of the FE. It was further decided to send an invitation for the FE members to attend our next Steering Committee meeting (June 5th) and stay for supper. The invitation would be by way of letter from Mr Packard.

8. Additional members of the Steering Committee:

The Chairman spoke briefly about the need for new members and urged the present committee to endeavour to put forward names.

9. Date of next meeting: Tuesday 5th June, 6.30 pm at Spencer Stuart.

10. Any other business:

The success of the Review was identified as an opportunity for a follow-up phone call to as many "inactive" members of the Fellowship as possible. This "final heave" at the Missing Army would finish in the summer of this year.

The Chairman suggested that members of the Steering Committee might like to consider a social event, when partners of the committee members would join for a gathering, such as a barbeque, or a visit to the London Eye. No firm decision was made and members of the Steering Committee will put forward suggestions.

11. The meeting closed at 7.45 pm when supper was served.

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