School Leadership Day 2007

2007 01

The third Fellowship Leadership Day took place in the familiar surroundings of Paddington Arts in warm September weather. Sixteen School Fellows assembled at 10 am with only a very vague idea of what the day held in store. Forty-five minutes later, they had worked very successfully in three teams to assemble bicycles which could be donated (after suitable safety checks) to JUMP, the youth charity from Peckham closely associated with The Rank Foundation.

2007 03

After this successful ice-breaker, Fred Packard, Chairman of The Rank Foundation, spoke to the Fellows about the origins of the Foundation and the Fellowship, his family's commitment to philanthropy and how they themselves might take up the torch. This very personal address struck a real chord with all those who heard it. After a break for coffee, Georges Fraulo and Hannah Partridge spoke with equal sincerity about their Community Action Placements and the ways in which these had broadened their experience and immediate horizons. Lindsey Clay, Rank Fellow and senior advertising executive, completed the morning's programme with a vibrant presentation on her top ten tips for leadership. She covered a remarkable range from body language to the value of positive participation. It is clearly important to be a radiator rather than a drain!

2007 04

Bike assembly was not the only surprise. Just before lunch, Eldora Edward led a street dance session in the Dance Studio at Paddington Arts.

2007 05

After lunch and a group photograph, Tom Motchman spoke about the value of his GAP placement through Rank. This had given him the double advantage of six months' diverse youth work in Essex and the final bonus which helped to fund his travel to the other side of the world. Danya O'Meally, from JUMP, followed this with a marvellous exposition on the charity's work done in Peckham and the value of Rank-sponsored youth work. Benet Northcote, Rank Fellow and Chief Policy Adviser of Greenpeace, completed the presentations with an impassioned plea to place environmental action at the top of the agenda.

2007 06

A full day concluded with website discussion and proposals, followed by some closing words from Jason Chaffer, Chairman of the Rank Fellowship. Jason reiterated the principles of an organisation now approaching a degree of maturity and looking to broaden its impact. The Charities Evening in November will represent a further opportunity to reinforce the social bonds of Fellowship and individual interaction with good causes.

2007 07

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