Synopsis of Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 7th June 2006

The Steering Committee met on 7 June 2006 to review progress and plan future strategy and Events. [Any Fellow who would like more information is invited to contact Tim Young or Gill Zammett.]

Among the main points discussed/reported were:

1 Charity Team:

1a A Charity Evening will be held at the Royal Society of Arts (off the Strand) on Tuesday 7 November. All Fellows will be invited + a guest, as will all members of the Foundation Board and executive staff and representative of about 20 Charities. Invitations will be issued in mid September.

The underlying purpose of the evening will be

  • to enable the Fellowship to promote the cause of Volunteering
  • to enable fellows to
    • become more involved with the Fellowship
    • to meet members of the Steering Committee and
    • of the Foundation Board and staff
  • to enable Charities to meet members of Foundation Board
  • It is more to encourage all present to think about ways of helping charitable organisations than to secure any firm commitments on the night.
  • It is more to attract fellows to become involved in fellowship affairs and consider volunteering their time and talents in the future than in seeking quantifiable results.

For further information please consult Tim Young or Gill Zammett.

1b Charity Skills Marketplace

Mark Cook reported that Moore Wilson had made changes to the Website to create a 'Skills marketplace'. The purpose of this marketplace is:

  • to enable charities to advertise precisely the sort of volunteering they need and are looking for
  • to enable Fellows to indicate precisely what they are willing to offer.

Clear briefing documents are being prepared and a Bulletin will be produced to launch it.

1c Promotion of Fellows' favourite charities

The Charity Team wishes to encourage more Fellows to promote the cause of charities close to their hearts and those of their families and friends.

2 Events Team:

Emma Watson Mack reported on:

  • a successful Mentoring Evening - see report at at foot of page
  • Leadership Day planned for 14 September for all Leadership Award holders at School
  • Tall Ships Day (29 September):
    Henry Scutt reported that interest was high and he expected a good turn out of Fellows who are looking forward to a day's sail and a chance to meet other Fellows. [for further information see
    Or consult

3 Communications Team:

The Team produced a Spring newsletter and is shortly preparing a Summer one.

In addition it is preparing Bulletins as follows:

  • Tall Ship bulletin
  • Careers Evening bulletin
  • Charity Skills marketplace bulletin

Arrangements were in place for Jason Chaffer and David McCausland and himself to attend the Annual Meeting of Fundacao Estudar (FE) in Sao Paulo. Mr Packard mentioned that he had arranged for all FE Fellows based in London to come to dinner at his home on 5 July.

4 Young Fellows:

The Committee endorsed a proposal for a separate older fellow to provide as a Liaison link with each cohort of younger Fellows. David McCausland has already made contact with those leaving school this July, who have all expressed an interest in offering advice on Universities and courses to those at school. .

Further links will follow. Anyone who is interested in joining this liaison team is invited to contact Tim Young

5 Matters concerning the Steering Committee

  • The Chairman welcomed Clive Baker as a member of the Committee
  • and thanked Hugh Knowles for his involvement in the early growth of the Fellowship, particularly with the production of newsletters and Bulletins and with his passionate advocacy of various ways in which Fellows' leadership could be channelled, notably in contributing to conservation, a neglected area in British life. He also recalled the stimulating contribution to the 2005 Leadership Day. Hugh Knowles said how much he enjoyed working with the Committee and said how much he wished to continue to contribute, even when no longer a member of the Steering Committee.
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