Synopsis of Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 12th September 2006

The Steering Committee met on 12 September 2006 to review progress and plan future strategy and Events. [Any Fellow who would like more information is invited to contact Peter Attenborough or Gill Zammett.]

The Chairman welcomed Tim Young to the meeting; he is to take over Peter Attenborough's work with The Rank Foundation and acting as Administrator of The Fellowship when Peter retires from Rank at the end of the year and Tim retires as Headmaster of the Royal Grammar School, Guildford. 

Among the main points discussed/reported were:

Events Team
  • Leadership day  (14 September) All was set for an eventful day for the School Fellows who were gathering at Paddington Arts, a charity in London where the Rank Foundation has been supportive. As well as an opportunity for the Leadership Award holders to network and learn a little about the Foundation and Fellowship, they were to have various initiative and leadership exercises and hear from three people about different styles of leadership and some of the key ups and downs in their careers. [A report will appear on the website shortly]
  • Tall ship Day (29 September) Plans for the day were outlined; there were still 6 places available. [A report will be posted on the website after the event].
  • Charity Evening (7 November) Invitations had now been posted to all Fellows. Suzy Lambert, who is leading the arrangements, gave an upbeat report, outlined the process by which a dozen charities were selected for the evening; mentioning the Guest Speaker and other plans for the evening. Follow up E-mail invitations were to be sent early in October and plans for telephoning various individuals were also in place.

The underlying purpose of this evening will be

    • to enable the Fellowship to promote the cause of Volunteering
    • to enable fellows to
      • become more involved with the Fellowship
      • to meet members of the Steering Committee and
      • of the Foundation Board and staff
    • to enable Charities to meet members of Foundation Board
    • It is more to encourage all present to think about ways of helping charitable organisations than to secure any firm commitments on the night.
  • Mentoring Evening   22 March 2007 was chosen for the next Mentoring Evening.

Charity Team

In addition to planning for the Charity Evening the Team was working on the development of the Charity Skills Marketplace, which it hopes to launch at the Charity Evening.  This programme aims to put Fellows wishing to volunteer in touch through the website with Charities which have volunteering opportunities. [The Marketplace itself is conceived as an extension (extranet) of the existing website where charities (at least initially those known to the Foundation or Fellowship) can advertise (free of charge) for specific time and talent contributions to meet specific needs. Fellows will be able to browse these and contact charities whose specific need interest them.]

Communications Team

In addition to the regular Newsletters and Bulletins and its development of the website, the Communications Team has been driving four initiatives:

  • A Liaison programme with Fellows at School and at University. The Committee has initiated a programme under which each of the cohorts now at School and University will have its own Fellows acting as a Liaison Fellow whose prime task is to keep in touch with the individuals in that year group, inform them of Fellowship Events and invite suggestions for future strategy for the fellowship.
  • University advice. Through the Administrator the Committee is developing a bank of Fellows willing to share with School Fellows advice about the pros and cons of their university and course. 'Telling it as it is' is proving very useful and a valuable corrective to prospectuses and information which is often out of date.
  • The Missing Army The Committee is trying to make contact with the large number of Fellows with whom the Foundation has lost touch; the majority of these people are from the days when the Leadership Awards were given anonymously and so the recipients are unaware of The Foundation's role in their lives. Following initial letters, subsequently followed by the invitation to the Charity Evening, we hope to rediscover many more than the initial 42 Felllows we have recently welcomed to the fold.
  • 1-1 programme  The Team is also trying to extend the number of people who are contacted personally by a Fellow, in addition to the contact with Peter Attenborough and Gill Zammett. Any Fellows who would like to help take a lead in this exercise would be warmly welcomed.

Fundacao Estudar

David McCausland and Jason Chaffer reported with  enthusiasm their visit to the AGM of Fundacao Estudar in Brazil.

Fellowship Structures

As the Fellowship's third birthday approaches, the Committee decided to review whether its Committee structure and administrative procedures are appropriate now as they were at the start.

[Any Fellow who would like more information is invited to contact Peter Attenborough or Gill Zammett.]

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