Synopsis of Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 12th December 2006

The Steering Committee met on 12 December 2006 to review the recent events since its previous meetings, to plan its priorities for the fourth year and consider its modus operandi.  [Any Fellow who would like more information is invited to contact Gill Zammett -]


Charity Evening

The Chairman congratulated everyone who had participated in the Charity Evening, singling out in particular Mark Cook and Suzy Lambert and members of the Charity Team.  He also thanked Clive Baker for his Summary paper on the website and his Review paper for the Charity' Team's use. The Committee was very grateful to Alastair Rolfe for his recommendation of the guest speaker.

The underlying purpose of this evening had been: 

  • to enable the Fellowship to promote the cause of Volunteering
  • to enable fellows to
    • become more involved with the Fellowship
    • to meet members of the Steering Committee and
    • of the Foundation Board and staff
  • to enable Charities to meet members of Foundation Board.

It was felt that all these goals had been met and that it had been a highly successful evening with an appropriate blend of social buzz and networking alongside informed discussion with charities about volunteering.

Although the evening was designed more to encourage all present to think about ways of helping charitable organisations than to secure any firm commitments on the night, by the time the Committee met one Fellow had already fulfilled a commitment made on the night and the Charities reported that they were pursuing offers from many Fellows.

It was decided to hold a similar evening in November 2007 but this should not be seen at this stage as a commitment to an annual occasion. Discussion then focussed on the lessons learned this year and some points of detail for consideration next time.

Leadership day  (14 September)

The second Leadership Day for the School Fellows had been held at Paddington Arts, a charity in London where the Rank Foundation has been supportive. As well as an opportunity for the Leadership Award holders to network and learn a little about the Foundation and Fellowship, they were given various initiative and leadership exercises and heard from three people about different styles of leadership and some of the key ups and downs in their careers. The Committee had been encouraged by the feedback and believed the balance between time for challenge and for socialising was more appropriate this year. The Committee endorsed the recommendation to hold such a gathering every September near the beginning of the school year.

Tall Ship Day   (29 September)

Henry Scutt was thanked for his excellent initiative and hard work; although attendance had been disappointing the occasion was greatly enjoyed by those who attended. It had been an excellent opportunity to network as well as experience the excitement of the teamwork involved in sailing on a Tall ship. 


Mentoring Evening

22 March 2007 was confirmed for the next Mentoring Evening, to be held again in central London thanks to the generosity of Spencer Stuart.

Regional events

A concerted effort is to be made over the next couple of years to increase the number of regional events, such as those held at Wakefield in October 2005 and Portsmouth in September 2006. Details to follow in the New Year.


It was agreed to concentrate in particular on the following areas:

  • to develop the Charity Skills marketplace on the Fellowship website; and to make this a central part of any future Event
  • to develop the Fellowship mentoring service by building on the March Mentoring evening to provide an all year round service of advice and work experience
  • to promote the achievements of the Fellowship to date by publishing a "Review of the Year" early in 2007 and to use this to try to engage with Fellows with whom the Fellowship is not yet in touch
  • to develop a programme of Regional events to run alongside the current events.


Fellowship Structures

The Committee used the Fellowship's third birthday to review whether its Committee structure and administrative procedures are still appropriate now as they were at the start. They decided on a similar structure, but to 


The Chairman thanked Mark Cook and Henry Scutt for their significant contributions to the Committee during its first three years, not least with their formulation of strategic ideas, their support of the two regional events and their central role in the development of the Charity Team. He also thanked the Administrator for his contribution; Peter Attenborough will be succeeded in the New Year by Tim Young, who was just retiring from his post as Headmaster of The Royal School in Guildford; Tim Young will introduce himself to Fellows in the New Year. The intention has always been to rotate Committee membership and new appointments will be made in the New Year; anyone interested in being considered for membership is invited to contact Gill Zammett, who will alos be happy to provide further information about any aspect of the Fellowship.

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