Paper to accompany Mr Chaffer's Presentation

The main initial objectives of the Rank Fellowship are:

  • to harness the experience, expertise and leadership skills of Fellows for the benefit of society;
  • to provide specific opportunities for Fellows to lend their skills and experience to voluntary sector organisations;

The main achievements since the Dorchester Dinner 14 November 2003:

  1. Recruitment and establishment of Steering Committee
    (with Quarterly meetings and regular telephone Conferences, typically by Teams)

  2. Communications Team
    • establishment by a Fellow of the website
    • Quarterly Newsletters
    • A campaign to speak to as many Fellows as possible on a1-1 basis
    • A campaign to track down more of the 'Missing Army' of those who held leadership awards but whose whereabouts is not known to us at present
    • marked the first Anniversary of the Dorchester Dinner with the issue of a smart Membership card and renewal of the Pledge Card

  3. Charity Team
    • development of charitable content of the website - advertising volunteer opportunities
    • promotion of charities on website
    • ensuring there is strong charitable presence at all Events
    • encouraging some fellows to act as Key Advisers to Fellows interested in volunteering in different aspects of the not for profit (NFP) world
    • investigate the charitable commitment of Fellows as part of development of strategic objectives
    • holding a Regional meeting in Wakefield to help develop charitable strategy - and to engage the interest those who live far from London

  4. Events Team
    • Holding Social events of substance to create a sense of belonging within the Fellowship:
      • Held one Sixes event with another to follow
      • 2 careers planning evenings with significant NFP content
    • holding a School Leadership Day for all current school Leadership Award holders on 14 September 2005 - for details see over

Priorities for the period to December 2006

  • Continue the momentum of engaging the Fellowship through tactical steps including:
    • website
    • Events
    • Regular forms of communication
  • To satisfy the aim of the Fellowship in the promotion of NFP activities
  • Maintain an open mind as to how to build on the strategy that will broaden the role and opportunities of the Fellowship
Jason Chaffer August 2005
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