Synopsis of Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 8th June 2005

1 Forthcoming Events

1A Careers evening 23 June. Details plans outlined for the Evening. Printed invitation and 3 e-mail invitations sent to those aged 30 and under. Some Fellows had volunteered to provide their expertise and advice. After the Event a report would be published on website by The Chairman.

1b School Leadership Day on 14 September for all the Leadership Award holders then at school. They will have a chance to meet each other for the first time, given an introduction to the Foundation and the Fellowship, be told the Foundation's expectations of them and be addressed by various people about Leadership.

1c A regional meeting is being prepared for October, probably near Leeds, to give those particularly interested in developing the Fellowship's charitable objectives an opportunity to meet and make a positive contribution. Further details will be published later in the Summer.

2 Personal telephone contacts
The programme of 1-1 telephone contacts has been continued. There are still many examples of contact details having changed. All members in favour of continuing.

3 Website development
The Committee is hoping that more Fellows will be willing to write for the website about their work with charities and/or recommend a 'Charity of the Month' for the website. The Charity Team is considering doing a survey of how many Fellows are already work/volunteer with/for a charity?

4 "The missing army"
Stuart Smith is going to take the first steps to find contact details of some of the many Fellows, with whom the Fellowship is not now in touch; this includes people who have been in contact but have now changed their contact details and those who have never been contacted.

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