Synopsis of Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 7th September 2005

The Steering Committee met on 7 September to discuss progress and future plans.

1 Events discussed

1A Mentoring evening 23 June. Response from those Fellows who attended was extremely positive. 37 people had come and a Report is available from Tim Young for anyone interested. It shows how very practical and constructive people found the occasion - for example 'so well organised and incredibly valuable . the pairing up of the fellows with individuals from their chosen field was the most constructive approach to an evening that I have experienced and gave a good focus to the event.'        or again

'the advisors were able to give me useful and specific advice about the areas I am interested in, and being from their own experiences made it much more genuine than the usual careers events.' Or 'one of the most interesting aspects for me was to hear what career paths different advisors had taken, which put things in perspective for me, showing that there are many routes to becoming successful in business.'

1b School Leadership Day on 14 September for all the Leadership Award holders then at school. They will have a chance to meet each other for the first time, given an introduction to the Foundation and the Fellowship, be told the Foundation's expectations of them and be addressed by various people about Leadership.

1c A Regional meeting is being held at Wakefield at noon on Saturday 8 October, to give those particularly interested in developing the Fellowship's charitable objectives an opportunity to meet and make a positive contribution. Further details are available from Tim Young.

2 Sitting on the Steering Committee
Any fellow who would like to become involved with the work of the Steering Committee is invited to contact Tim Young

3 Personal telephone contacts
Fellows who have not yet been contacted by a member of the Steering Committee and would like to have the chance to talk through their own thoughts are invited to contact Gill.zammett@rankfoundation. Com or Tim Young

4 Website development
The Committee is hoping that more Fellows will be willing to write for the website about their work with charities and/or recommend a 'Charity of the Month' for the website.

5 Future Strategy
The Committee is continuing to concentrate on 'Leadership and Service'.

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