Synopsis of Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 5th December 2005

The Steering Committee met on 5 December 2005 to discuss progress 2 years since the launch of the Fellowship at the Dorchester Dinner in November 2003 - and to plan the priorities for 2006. [Any Fellow who would like more information is invited to contact Tim Young or Gill Zammett.]

Among the main points discussed were:

1 Matters concerning the Steering Committee and the Legal basis of the Fellowship:

  • The Fellowship is now confirmed as in effect a Committee of the Rank Foundation
  • Steve Wilson announced his need to resign from the SC because of the pressure of work but he remains committed to the cause and will continue to help with website assistance; James Dingemans QC will step down in March 06. Committee members were sad to lose 2 such experienced Fellows, whose contribution had been considerable, but all recognise the need to rotate membership and welcome the introduction of new Fellows and fresh ideas.
  • The Committee was pleased to welcome as an observer Eduardo Roma, who was attending as a representative of Fundacao Estudar in Sao Paolo, the Charity..

2 Recent Events

School Leadership Day at which all current School Leadership Award holders gathered

The Committee reflected on the results of the feedback survey and had no hesitation in deciding to hold a similar occasion in September 2006 (14th). The Day was seen as a very successful venture and one that members felt would prove to play an influential part in the future strategy of the Fellowship.

Mr Chaffer's Presentation to the Foundation Board

Mr Packard described to the Committee how much Board Members had appreciated Jason Chaffer's presentation to them. The Fellowship Chairman felt it had been a valuable opportunity for the Fellowship to thank the Board for its support and to give an account of what had been done, informing them of some of the achievements and challenges.

Wakefield Gathering

Mark Cook commented on the very positive outcome of the Wakefield meeting despite the disappointing turnout. An article by Simon Walker, who had attended his first Fellowship event, had revealed the real enthusiasm latent in the body of Fellows and highlighted some of the apprehensions individuals may feel. The value of the occasion was enhanced by the presence of partners, partly because of their own contribution to discussion and partly since it helped the partner to gain a closer understanding of what the Fellowship involved. One of the members present had volunteered to hold an Event in the Manchester area in 2006; this represented a possible model for future development.

Events for 2006

Plans were made as follows:

  • Careers mentoring Evening at Spencer Stuart on Thursday 23 March
  • School Leadership Day 14 September 2006
  • Tall Ships Day 29 September [Henry Scutt has successfully secured the Prince William from the Tall Ships Youth Trust for a Rank Day Sail on Friday 29 September 2006 from 0800 -1600 out of Portsmouth. The point was made that for many Fellows this provides an opportunity to reconnect with what may have been a formative experience. For others, it could be the first opportunity to experience sailing a Tall Ship. For all, the sail will provide a good opportunity to meet other Fellows, and to discuss the strategic development of the Rank Fellowship.

Also considered were possibly holding a Charity Evening and further meetings outside London. In the next newsletter Fellows will be invited to suggest helping to arrange a meeting in their area.

4 Other news from the Teams:

Communications Team

  • A new School Fellows section will be added to the website
  • A bulletin was due to be sent out shortly and a Newsletter in January

Charity Team

  • Work to continue on building up contacts with individual Fellows interested in the not-for-profit sector
  • Some changes recommended for the Charity section of the website
  • Discussions of a possible Charity Day to continue
  • To increase the number of 'featured charities'

Events Team

  • As in section 3 above.

5 Priorities for 2006

The Steering Committee's aims for 2006 are:

  • to develop the contribution of Fellows to the charitable world,
    o to continue participation of the Fellows to engage with the Fellowship and
  • to encourage as many Fellows as possible to participate
  • to make contact with a large number of Fellows who at present are unaware of the Fellowship's existence. [There have been over 1000 beneficiaries of the Rank Leadership Award Scheme since it was launched. As reported last summer, the Steering Committee has been endeavouring to contact all known Fellows under Operation One-to-One as well as to seek to trace those Fellows for whom current addresses and contact details are no longer held. This will be a leading priority in 2006.]

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