Synopsis of Minutes of Steering Committee meeting 23rd September 2004

The Steering Committee met on 16 September to discuss progress since the launch of the Rank Fellowship on 12 November 2004 at the Dorchester Dinner.

Building on the main achievements so far

  • Launch of Fellowship website
  • Careers evening 47 Fellows at Spencer Stuarts on 31 March 2004

the Committee made the following decisions:

  • To use the communication system now in place to encourage more active participation by the wider Fellowship
    • An annual 'Sixes' Christmas party so that each Fellow is invited to meet up while they are at school, on GAP years and University; each Fellow to receive six such invitations
    • An annual Careers evening, usually in the march/April period
      At these events the promotion of working with voluntary organisations would be a central theme.
  • To focus with increasing clarity on the central aim of the Fellowship 'to put something back into Society'

To this end the Committee's 3 Teams agreed as follows:

Communications Team

  • Send a Newsletter after every Steering Committee meeting
  • Send interim communications between newsletters at approximately monthly intervals
  • Encourage more Fellows to enter personal details on the website

Charity Team

  • Inform Fellows about the Community Volunteering done by current school
    Leadership award holders
  • Encourage Fellows to write articles for the website about:
    • the rewards of volunteering
    • different ways of volunteering
    • charities they know have volunteering opportunities
  • approach Fellows individually about their interest in Volunteering
  • arrange a small informal gathering of those interested in the Not for Profit world, initially in the Midlands and the South

Careers Team

  • arrange 2 events a year to give an opportunity for Fellows to meet and so move beyond an impersonal cyber relationship
  • Arrange for Fellows to offer Work Experience opportunities for other Fellows

Anniversary of the Launch of the Fellowship

The Steering Committee decided to contact all Fellows to coincide with the Launch of the Fellowship at The Dorchester Hotel on 12 November 2003.

Fellows will be invited to update the pledges they made at that time as a precursor to personal contact being made by members of the Charity Team. Each Fellow will be given a personal Membership Card.

Other decisions:

The Committee agreed to encourage Fellows to promote volunteering opportunities in charities with which they are familiar, whether or not they have any formal connection with the Rank Foundation; and to promote small informal gatherings as opportunity allows.

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