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The Rank Fellowship is a network of alumni of the Rank Foundation School Leadership Award. The Award was one of the first structured schemes put into place by the charitable trust originally established by Lord Rank. It provides financial support so that young people with outstanding leadership potential are able to complete their education.

Since 1978 over thirteen hundred teenage boys and girls have benefited from financial assistance from the Rank Foundation's School Leadership Award. The Rank Fellowship is open to past and present beneficiaries of the Rank Foundation's Leadership Award (know as "Fellows"). There are also a number of Honorary Fellows. It promotes networking and mutual support among Fellows and encourages them to invest time and effort in voluntary activities, thereby contributing to a better society.

The 2013 Fellowship Review has recently been sent out to UK Fellows, and an electronic version is available to download.

Community Action Placements 2014
Lucy Hyland 2013

The School Fellows are under way with their summer of Community Action Placements, two weeks with one of the inspirational charities which have come under the Rank banner over the years.  Lucy Hyland (pictured) has had a great time with Hop, Skip and Jump, while new Fellows Robert Warwood-Hart and Tom Elgar have gained a huge amount from their first placements.  Reports back from the charities have also been wonderfully positive: the founder of Hop, Skip and Jump described Lucy as a "WOW", Liz Halloran at Newquay reported that Robert "has left an imprint on all our hearts", while Wesley's Chapel reported that Tom far surpassed all their expectations.  These Fellows' reports and others can be read here

The Rank Challenge 2014
small Bikes by Road photo

The Rank Outdoor Challenge 2014 follows on from the Fellowship adventures of the past two years (Le Jog and the Three Peaks) and is open to everyone within the broad Rank Foundation network of individuals and organisations.  On 20 September, from dawn to dusk, intrepid participants will swim the deepest lake in England, climb the highest mountain and bike over the highest pass, all in the Lake District and all under the brilliant organisational auspices of the Essex Boys and Girls Clubs. So come and join us on Saturday 20 September, to do one or more legs, to gently climb Scafell, or just to spectate and enjoy the BBQ. 

2014 Career Development Evening

Career Development Evening

Once again the Career Development Evening was an evident success, providing younger Fellows with a wealth of advice and encouragement as they look to shape their careers.  Lindsey Clay and Jason Chaffer led the session on Managing Your Profile and Network, Duncan Gibson (pictured) advised all those intending entrepreneurs, and Stuart Wilson and Andrea Bonafe provided some signposts to the working world beyond Europe.  Many thanks to all those who gave their time so willingly and thanks to Jason and Jen at Manchester Square Partners for a great welcome.

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